01 December 2008

Dealing with technical Difficulties: Steppas Choice 48: DJ Unfinished & C4TR

Dear Steppas

I received today an e-mail from the Radio Radius Management saying that the server over which we broadcast, is temporarly down but it still would be possible to do a show. You would just have to restart the server computer and start the show immediately. Pretty upset about this sad news I checked the
Radio Radio Shoutbox and there was written that today and for the near future there won’t be any shows.
I couldn’t believe it! I thought the guys in the studio didn’t get that bloody e-mail from the Radio Radius Management. So I contacted them by shoutbox and told them to restart everything! Lucky me they did that but bloody shit it still didn’t work even not with that bloody trick… Quiet disappointing!
Anyway… I can’t change it! So I called DJ Unfinished and told him not to come! What a shame! I’m deeply sorry for all the Steppas that were looking forward to the real dubplate pressure Show from Unfinished and myself. We gonna redo this as soon as possible.
But Unfinished, already mentally ready for the show did a mini replacement mix! Lovely! Maximum Respect to DJ Unfinished! So at least some serious Bass Pressure for tonight! Now let's hope that the technical Radio Radius Staff can solve that problem in reasonable time!

Download the mix here:

Tracklist and Unfinished's comment:
unfinished - no choice (02.12.08)

after hearing steppas choice wouldn't happen tonite (as there were some major technical issues stopping the whole station from broadcasting) i decided to make a little mix anyway.
so here it is for those who care to heal the sorrow caused by the lack of the usual monday night madness.

01 flying lotus - parisian goldfish /warp
02 unfinished - bloody feet /nur dub
03 silkie & harry craze - french knickers /break the habit
04 trg - move dis /soul motive
05 soundproof - milkyway /soundproof
06 synkro - you don't know /smoke sessions
07 phonecall - old tallin /bassism dub
08 kosheen vs. plastician - guilty /?
09 ds1 - twisted /darker sounds
10 gunjack - guts /bassism dub
11 ? - rotten /ghetto knowledge
12 mr. gee & firefly - siddown /spoilt rotten
13 silkie - sky's the limit /deep medi
14 rob sparx - look 2 the future /audio freaks
15 unfinished - geil /nur dub
16 quest - stand /deep medi

shouts out to all my steppin famo, c4tr, lexxus, duplo, idle d, blade, riddlah, kolt, slass, broods, fabe, phila, faust, kid lion, zenit, koolkat1, elusive, moonshine, subsound, the tatman and his msn-gang, se santa lucia, se pavid, se deebee, se bitchy groupie, nadjeshka, and all the rest i forgot.
all my love goes your way.
special thanks to phonecall & gunjack, massive respect.

DJ Unfinished on Myspace
Check out Bassism Records

Greetings & Blessing



unfinished said...

oi c4tr

thx for posting the mix.
btw don't know if you got the url of the facebook-group, so here goes:
(groups are visible to non-users as well)

much respect for the work you do, keep gwaanin!

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