29 April 2009

Check out: Dubstep Session @ Fri-Son

Dubstep Sessions

Dubstep Sessions @ Fri-Son Fribourg

Line Up for the Night

Unreleased Kollektiv:

Hosted by C4TR

Entry Fee:guess what... it's free!

Come one come all and don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend
Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Check out: Bang La Bass


BANG LA BASS @ Coupole Bienne/Biel/BN ZOO


Crazy D
Blade & MC Staga
Radio Dadio Gang

Performed on the mighty Tribute Soundsystem

Date: 30. April 2009

Doors: 22:00

Entry Fee: 10.- CHF


Maxximum Respect to the Radio Dadio Gang, Tribute Soundsystem & the whole NXT LVL CRW!
Your chest!

Greetings and may the bass be with you!

05 April 2009

The Kommando Trash Phenomenon

I Love Trash

On Saturday the 28th of February I was invited to one of the hottest secrecies coming out of the Capitol of Switzerland. A thing called Kommando Trash invited friends and groupies to a very special live gig in the Kommando Trash Box aka Kiste. The Line up was absolutely massive with an Intro DJ Set by Flat Frederic and The Lexxus, which could be gained as DJ for the Kommando Trash Gig on this Night, followed up by the first Kommando Trash Gig where they actually performed some of their song live, and as a Sweetie The Lexxus was playing the newest in Bass hefty Music after the gig. So I went to Bern well prepared for a Basss hefty Night just to realise on arrival that I was completely wrongly dressed for this Madness.
Thanks to the lovely help of the Groupies and the Members of the Kommando Trash I got redressed in a half hour into a hybrid of a eighties roller skater disco member and an officer of the DDR Olympia team in Bowling… I looked absolutely ridiculous!

Bimmele JA!

The Box was small and pretty soon rather crowded. The Kommando Trash Gang was working in full effect before the party to install beamers and to insulate the Party Box so that none of the neighbours would get disturbed more than needed…
The Party was very nice and mad as a Hatter! As It turned out I had to play the Triangle with Moody Mascot and Mau Mau to support the Secret Society in Triangleism in Secrecy and the Kommando Trash during their Set. Still now more than four weeks after this legendary event I’m not able to describe this madness and freshness of that Night! It was unbelievable!
Funniest thing of the Night was the Black out during the Live gig… all of a sudden everything was dark and all the technical stuffed died on spot. The Crowd was very supportive and started to be really noisy. What happened? Well, one of the neighbours pulled out the fuses for the apartment. So not a real problem, fuses back in and start over! After a few moments, again the lights out and everything out! And again the fuses pulled out and this time the neighbour even took away the sockets for the fuses… anyway better than to call the police… Smart as some people are still when they’re completely drunk the fuses and sockets of the washing machine were token and installed. And start over again this time on room volume… wicked! Neighbour your plan was smart, you took the fuses out to have your deserved silence and the crowd goes ten times louder than the music before on the moment of the Black Out… but still… Assante sana for this solution…
Largin’ up the Kommando Trash and the Groupies and all supporters! This Night a Legend was born!

Click on the picture for a larger view

A few weeks ago I saw this in the newspaper. What isn’t mentioned in the article is the fact that the Kommando Trash was main act on the night. It’s good to see that other people give themselves a chance to celebrate a completely mad night with the Kommando Trash. And just three days ago a saw the following article in the 20min weekend edition. As you can read even Miss Friday is enjoying the Trash!

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For further knowledge about the Kommando Trash visit the following Links:
Kommando Trash on Virb
Kommando Trash on MySpace
Spiegelkisten Blog
Kommando Trash on YouTube

Greetings in Pink and Green
Max Metall


04 April 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 60

Steppas Choice 60: Koolkat1 & C4TR

Backyard Polen
Picture by David Vigh

Broadcasted: 23. February 2009

Another wicked Show with a member of the Radio Dadio Gang. And as always these Shows are always twisted’n’changed in the last minutes. On the Monday the show took place I received a call around four from Zenit… telling me that he has a problem.
By the sound of his voice I could tell this was a call straight outta the bed and as he continued my guessing turned out to be right: Zenit was sick in bed and wouldn’t make it to the show… this is actually not a real problem for me (well actually always a bit sad if a DJ can’t make it to the show…) because I always have some stuff on me to do a kick ass bass hefty show and for this one Koolkat1 was also on the decks…
As Zenit continues I was faced with the real problem of the call: Zenit wanted to play some of his new dubs! In the day of global networking and Internet we did found quiet a quick solution! So download the show, grab a drink, turn up the volume and enjoy the show and the fresh bits offered trough it!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 60: Koolkat1 & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
Radio Dadio Homepage
Radio Dadio on MySpace
Koolkat1 on MySpace
Planet Terror Records on MySpace
Mantra on MySpace
Culprate on MySpace

Check out the Unknown Planets Album here!

It seems the Link doesn’t work… Please visit the Planet Terror Records MySpace Page and look for the download Link on the right hand side. You can also download the full Planet Terror Records Catalogue there!

Enjoy the show!

Greetings & Bless’

Lines Stettbach

02 April 2009

Check out: Baile Bass

Picture by Bhlogiston

One for the offhanded, spontaneous knee-jerker:


On Decks:
Chiri Moya
Raphallus Orgasmus

playing Baile Funk, Kuduro and all sorts of bass heavy music!

Tonight! 2th April! Tonight!

Doors: 23h

Location: Drucki / Kalkbreitestrasse 93 / Zürich

Be there, sink some beers and enjoy the Bass Extravaganza!


Kalkbreite 2047
Picture by Jack the Shell