12 August 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 74

CZ Train

Broadcasted on the 1st of June

Steppas Choice 74: Unfinished & C4TR
A long time ago I did an Interview with Unfinished. And this is the perfect occasion to post it! So here we go for the second interview on steppaschoice.blogspot.com

• Name:


• Representing:

Nur sound

• Based / Home?

Bern, Switzerland

• How did you get into music?

I don’t really know how I got into it, but I sure can’t find a way out. I’ve listened to a lot of different types of music over the years and can’t stop myself from looking for fresh and exciting stuff.

• What’s your story?

I got a couple chapters written so far; don’t really know where it’s going to lead. A lot of threads have been spun, plots and subplots woven, but the final pattern isn’t totally clear to see yet. I’m sure there’s a couple of surprises around the corner though.

• How long have you been producing music?

I think I started more intensively playing around with production software in 2000 or 2001. I was mostly doing stuff somewhere between reggae and Hip Hop then. I started working on some Dubstep inspired stuff in summer 2006.

Picture by Käptn’

• How long have you been djing?

The first time I got in contact with djing at all was in 95 when I got into some techno, I was 13 then. A mate and me each saved up the money for one belt-drive deck each plus a cheap mixer and we were rolling. That stuff only kept me fascinated for about two years. I liked mixing, but didn’t really know the music to keep me going with and I turned to playing more guitar and listening to more rock and all kinds of stuff.
In 2000 I think I started buying vinyl again, now mostly Hip Hop, some reggae, but also some downbeatish things, some jungle, broken beats, a little 2-step, blues, jazz… whatever music I liked. In March 2006 I ran into Dubstep and it did a lot for me somehow. It’s just all the music I like brought into one thing that just twists and turns all through you while you’re dancing. I just love mixing that stuff more than any other music, because it has so many different faces and shapes. Also, through that sound, I got to meet a lot of awesome people who have been extremely important to me over the last two years and have helped me a lot, you know who you are.

• Biggest tune so far?

Hm, many… among them something by Jimi Hendrix, by Björk and by Bob Marley. Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, Mala – Blue Notez… oh and Skream – Bahl Fwd

• What inspires or influences you?

Nothing doesn’t

Banksy Flower
Picture by Arkfinder

• What track would you most like to have written?

Some crappy pop song earning me lots of royalties making more of the good stuff possible maybe. Or maybe not.

• Who is your favourite DJ / Producer and why?

Can’t name just one, sorry.

• Who has been the most supportive of you or your production?

Your mama, haha. No seriously, thank you for your support C4TR, and thank you Swiss Dubstep massive and my flatmates JA!

• Weapon of Choice:

Vinyl (Sound waves would be nice too, but I thought of vinyl first, so…)

Banksy on Truck
Picture by 14 • 2 • 1

• What event would you most like to play at and why?

fwd> because that’s where I heard it for real, on system for the first time. Or some weird little outdoors rave somewhere in summer with a big system. Basically any big system is great, because of its bigness.

• What’s been the most memorable experience of your career so far?

Hahaha carreer haha, no seriously, I guess seeing the Video of the Kommando Trash gig must be it.

• What is this Kommando Trash sideproject of yours?

Kommando Trash is actually not my project, I did some additional production on their third album Bimml’s Not Dead Ja! and on the first Ze Groupies album. Kommando Trash was actually founded by Flat Fredrik from east west Germany and 70’s Pornstar Pavid Didler. Back in 1987, when I did that stuff on Bimml’s Not Dead Ja! I was only 5 years old, it was quite an experience…
A lot of information on Kommando Trash can be found on
Bimmele Homepage JA!
Bimmele on Virb
Spiegelkiste on Blogspot

• Proudest moment to date:

Poo on the potty on my own for the first time. Nothing beats that!

• What’s your poison?

One is sticky and green. Another is cute and female. But I guess whatever makes you want too much can become poisonous.

• What’s your ideal night out?

Good, friendly people and big bass. Or tons of drinks in some bar without a name on a Tuesday for no reason at all.

No More Heroes
Picture by 14 • 2 • 1

• What’s the best studio advice you’ve been given?

Don’t make stuff go into the red.

• What’s your best studio advice?

Do what you feel.

• What’s next for you?

Going to the see the dentist. I wanna make more beats definitely and play out a bit. And work, make some money. Oh yeah I’m also working on some tunes on my guitar.

• What does the future hold?

Only the future knows.

• What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the following words:

Green: Pink
Blue: Blues
Pink: Green
Yellow: The Sun
Black: Hole Sun, by Soundgarden, I liked that track…

• Famous last words?

I think that’s long enough. Big up C4TR!

Bully Hardbrücke
Picture by Käptn’

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 74: Unfinished & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
Unfinished on MySpace
Unfinished’s Sound Cloud
Bimmele Homepage JA!
Bimmele on Virb
Spiegelkiste on Blogspot
The Deficiency Mixes on Blogspot

Enjoy the Show!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Picture by 14 • 2 • 1

10 August 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 73

Picture by Jef Aerosol

Broadcasted on the 25th of May

Steppas Choice 73: Deadbybeats & C4TR
Oh my gosh! 19 Shows since he last appeared! It was definitively time for Deadbybeats to step up and take hold of some playtime on Steppas Choice!
And as usual he did a great job! He would probably describe his mix as a mash up of Dubstep Tunes with an influence of Grindstep and Broken Bass just to come up with his final conclusion: whatever you call it, it will always be some bass hefty, broken Music, ranging between 135 to 145 Bpm with a lot of Sub Pressure… usual Bass Madness, seen!
Big up to Deadbybeats! It’s good to have you in the Show!

Picture by Weehsel

For the first time I played a tune by Unfinished called “Seek’n’Find” – a proper dubby bass spanker – and the Bass Pressure in the studio was ridiculous! Later, when listening back to the show I realized that this track is probably not so suitable for a Radio Show. It’s nearly quiet when the Sub plays his little solo! But this track on a proper system will tear the roof off! Big up Unfinished!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 73: Deadbybeats & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
BassNihilist Homepage
DeadbyBeats on MySpace
Korsett Kollektiv Homepage

Enjoy the Show!

Singing Balls
Picture by Käptn’

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

09 August 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 72

War for Sale
Picture by Käptn’

Broadcasted on the 18th of May

Steppas Choice 72: DJ Ruzann & C4TR
Some new blood in form of a DJ standing behind the ones and two’s assures a wider variety of influences, tastes and Basses. So I was quiet pleased when I met the husband of a very close friend of mine just to find out that he’s a DJ. After I infected him with the highly contagious Dubstep Virus, which is likely to mutate into other related forms (2Step, Grime, Bassline, UK Funky, Dub, House, Techno, Minimal, UK Garage, Kuduro, Baille Funk, … what ever you name it), he was ready to come and grace the show with his Interpretation of a Sound that I call Dubstep or Bass Music.
Welcome aboard DJ Ruzann!
His delivery is fuelled by intense bass, some breaky stuff and Indian sounds. Hailing from India and former inhabitant of good ol’ LDN this mix and mash up off different varieties of Bass Music is just the consequence of adding all the different flavours of the lifetime experience of growing up in different Worlds and Cultures.
Also DJ Ruzann was the first one to step up with his laptop and a huge MIDI DJ Controller. Quiet fascinating the evolution of computer based Dj Software and it’s tools!
Anyway, Big up DJ Ruzann for playing in this Show!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 72: DJ Ruzann & C4TR

Check out Ruzann on Myspace

Enjoy the Show!

Human Rights
Picture by Käptn’

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

08 August 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 71

Picture by Käptn’

Broadcasted on the 11th of May

Steppas Choice 71: Load Balance aka DJ Primo & C4TR
Long time fellow Primo aka Load Balance was there since day dot. Not necessarily representing Dubstep Tunes in his Set, is he somehow still connect to it by his history as one of the technical most versed 2Step/UK Garage DJ in Switzerland at it’s time. So I asked him if he could do a little sweet seductive 2Step/UK Garage Mix. It’s been a while since he was DJing and especially since he had used his old 2Step/UK Garage Vinyl. But Primo told me that he would try it. So I was looking FWD to this Show ‘cause you know I like these sweet tunes with a proper Bassline and these wicked drums!

Picture taken from the NXT LVL Homepage

Primo is not only versed he’s also versatile. During the post 2Step/UK Garage phase he already was an established Drum’n’Bass DJ, rolling with the Bassride Crew and promoting and organizing his own events.
Also he started to produce in the beginning mostly Drum’n’Bass Tunes, nowadays he’s productions are located in the wide fields of Electronically Dance Music, from Drum’n’Bass to Minimal to Elektro Clash to Dubstep. I got a couple of tunes somewhere on a CD so you might hear it on Steppas Choice.
So when I called him for this one before the Show, I was a bit disappointed but not at all worried about the level of the musical contribution for the Show, when he told me that he couldn’t find his 2Step/UK Garage Tunes and that he would play some Liquid Drum’n’Bass on this night. Okay so let’s start with the different Boogie!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 71: Load Balance aka DJ Primo & C4TR

Enjoy the Show!

Fighting Terrorism
Picture by Käptn’

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

07 August 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 70

Radio Dadio
EHV Ventosa 2009
EHV Ventosa by Zenit/PixelPunk

Broadcasted on the 4th of May

Steppas Choice 70: Faustizm, Zenit, Staga & C4TR
It’s been nearly ten shows since we got some members of the mighty Radio Dadio Gang behind the decks to tear down the studio. All of them were / are quiet busy and steadily working to fulfil their mission to make our world a better-looking nicer place.
With Faustizm and Zenit we got two of them, which are pushing the boundaries on several levels at the same time. What both of them have in common are a love for Bass hefty Music, Radio Dadio and a talent for illustration, design & graphics.

Ohne Titel (Diptychon)
Ohne Titel (Diptychon) by Faustizm/Atelyeah


Faustizm is at the moment extremely busy with his artwork and still finds the time to create some wicked tunes together with Dada. He got two releases under his belt and several serious skankers in the pipeline. Check his Myspace Page and download the tunes for free by using the following links:
Planet Terror Records on Myspace
You will find the Links for all releases on your right hand side.

Dada & Faustizm aka Kid Lion appear on the following releases on Planet Terror Records:

Various Artists - Unknown Planets [PLANET005]
Link to Unknown Planets / Listen the Unknown Planet Album Online
Download Unknown Planets


Various Artists - Planetarium [PLANET011]
Link to Unknown Planets / Listen the Planetarium Album Online
Download Planetarium

Stadt 1
Stadt 1 by Faustizm/Atelyeah

PXP Selfportrait
PXP Selfportrait by Zenit/Pixel Punk


Zenit is one kind of a mad man!
Doing Streetart, Graphics and Designs for brands like Adidas or Swatch or his own projects while doing a lot of travelling around the globe he is one kind of a lucky guy too. He’s also a very dedicated promoter of good Dubstep Nights and you can hear some of his Remix Skills in his deep dubby mixes. I am always quiet amazed when I see something from PXP PNK.

Swatch Instant Berlin 2
Swatch Instant Store Berlin by Zenit/Pixel Punk

Maximun Respect to Zenit & Faustizm and the whole Radio Dadio Gang! It’s always a great pleasure to have you in the show! Big up and keep on the excellent work!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 70: Faustizm, Zenit, Staga & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
Radio Dadio Homepage
Radio Dadio on MySpace
Faustizm on MySpace
Zenit on MySpace
Robot Music is not for Humans on Blogspot
Dada on MySpace
Staga on MySpace
Pixel Punk Homepage
Atelyeah Homepage

Enjoy the Show!

Adidas Visual Atelier
FYF & PXP: Adidas Original, 60 Years of Soles And Stripes, Mission Accomplished.

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

06 August 2009

Hype! Hype! Hyperdub!


Some more one the 5th Birthday of Hyperdub

Hyperdub 5.1 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB023) Released: 31/08/09
Kode9 & The Spaceape ft. ChaCha - ‘Time Patrol’
Black Chow – ‘Purple Smoke’
Flying Lotus – ‘Disco Balls’

Hyperdub 5.2 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB024) Released: 07/09/09
Joker & Ginz – ‘Stash’
Zomby – ‘Tarantula’
Samiyam – ‘Roller Skates’

Hyperdub 5.3 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB025) Released: 14/09/09
Quarta330 – ‘Bleeps From Outer Space’
LV – ‘Turn Away’

Hyperdub 5.4 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB026) Released: 21/09/09
Martyn – ‘Mega Drive Generation’
LD – ‘Shake It’

Hyperdub 5.5 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB027) Released: 28/09/09
Mala – ‘Level Nine’
Cooly G – ‘Weekend Fly’

Oh my Gosh: The Mala Tune is HUGE!

5 Year Of Low End Contagion - 2x CD Compilation
CD#1 - A CD compilation including all the tracks featured on the 5 EP's. Plus several additional previously unreleased tracks.
CD#2 - A 16 track compilation of older hyperdub music, much of which has never been released on cd before.

Infos taken from Hyperdub 5th Birthday on Bleep.com and Hyperdub 5th Birthday Release & Detail Info on Bleep.com
You can prelisten the stuff here: Prelistening on Bleep.com

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Better you check this

Maximum Respect to the people working at MediaContender! Always worth a visit!
And this time it's huge!
12th Planet (btw. aka Infiltrata for the D'n'B Heads) is sharing some Studiotime in a di Red Bull Studio with West Coast Legend and one of the best (and also one of my top five) Rap MCee's known to mankind as Ras Kass.
All I need to say: Download and enjoy!

The original Post you can find here: MediaContender.com: 12th Planet vs Ras Kass: Westcoast Dub

Download it here:

12th Planet vs Ras Kass: Westcoast Dub (Official Link from MediaContender.com)

or here (Alternative Link):

12th Planet vs Ras Kass: Westcoast Dub (Alternative Link)

(Stream & Download Courtesy of Media Contender)

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

04 August 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 69

Picture by Jef Aerosol

Broadcasted on the 27th of April

Steppas Choice 69: Broods & C4TR
Another deep delivery from a man called Broods. Wicked selection and spanking tunes! Also included: the newest in bass hefty witchcraft and wizardry from the Labs of the Mastermind Broods. When I first heard the tune called “The Comet” it was like a bass stroke! Maximum Respect to Broods! True Bad Bwoy Producer!
If you want to support Broods, go to Digital Tunes by using the essential Link further down and purchase Broods’ Tunes! Show some Love!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 69: Broods & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
Buy Tunes by Broods on Digital Tunes
Unreleased Kollektiv Homepage

Enjoy the Show!

Picture by Käptn’

Greetings and may the Bass be with you


Picture by Weehsel

Help Deadbybeats! He’s in a part of life where he’s mainly occupied with Reasoning over the most important Questions in a di Life! Maybe anyone knows the answer… or could give him advice… or help him in another form…

…Monday …Deadbybeats

Mon 22:44
Deadbybeats: dear c4tr.... me likes the bass - me thinks I am already addicted. do I need special treatment?? Is there any remedy? Any help appreciated.
Mon 22:44
duplo&famo: more BASS might help!
Mon 22:46
deadbybeats: andere frage.... kann Gott den Bass so aufdrehen, dass es selbst ihm zuviel ist?
Mon 22:46
Zenit:jesus and one cd called budda bar... might help tooo: nebenwirkung: brechreiz
Mon 22:48
Deadbybeats: 10tes gebot: thou shall not cut below 100hz

Any Suggestions? Leave a comment!

Picture by Weehsel

Best of the Shoutbox Steppas Choice 83: Slass & C4TR

Mon 21:48
Zenit: we got some good news: December 26: Rusko confirmed! In neuchatel

Mon 21:57
Zenit: 28.11: 16 bit auch in neuchatel…
Zenit: TBC.

Mon 22:05
lsv_bstrd: YO: this Saturday 12:00 - Sunday 8:00 JUNGLE ROCKET invades Planet Lora 2009, 20 hours of sound with 20 DJs & 1 MC :-) . Live on Radio Lora, 97.5 MHz around Zurich or live stream on www.lora.ch *** CHECK IT ***
Mon 22:06
lsv_bstrd: featuring Radio Dadio Gang, Unreleased Kollektiv, NXT LVL Crew...... a bunch of junglist..... some dubheads..... couple of techno fuzzis.... Grill @ Radio Lora in the evening, so drop in

Mon 22:08
Staga: im off guys, nonetheless, watch out for my DU NÖD album dropping soon! Peace and out n

Mon 22:48
Zenit: sorry der sound wär jo easy, aber chasch der bass chli weniger mache...
Zenit: jo, cha mit de frequänze no chli abe...
Mon 22:49
Zenit: sorry for the slang...
Mon 22:50
Zenit: nope... this is standart question at our events..

Mon 22:55
Zenit: if you wanna know what kode 9 is doing beside music: Embedded Art: Kunst im Namen der Sicherheit
Mon 22:57
Zenit: Embedded Art Homepage

Maximum Respect to the Shoutbox Massive! You make the Show lively! Your chest!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Banksy in Zürich???
Picture by Käptn’