27 October 2013

Steppas Choice 6 Birthday Bash

6 Birthday Bash Steppas Choice photo 13-10-28_SteppasChoice_6BirthdayBash_400x568_zpsed72fe1f.jpg

6th Birthday Bash
Come and celebrate with us!

Steppas Choice turns 6 and for this reason we serve you 4 hours of proper Bass Extravaganza!
Serious Line Up as usual for the Steppas Choice Birthday Bash we bring you

Project Montalbano
Steppers since day dot - will bring an exclusive set of their adventures in broken beats and Bass! Home grown Bass Evolution!
Next Generation Sound System Bass Addict - will serve the reason why we still love it: BASS BASS BASS - straight vinyl & dub plate!
Jelipe Jalapeño
been there since the early days - brings a little excursion into Kumbya and Latino Bass. Ready for some future business!
Chezz & C4TR
Steppas Choice Bass Command - Future & Past >> Bass Junkies!

28. October 2013
19-23h CET



10 August 2013

05 February 2013

Rastamouse and the Easy Crew

Bad TV Show for Likkle ones

was laughing mi self stupid bredren fi real!

14 January 2013

Steppas Choice Hibernation Mix 1: Kaiju Mix from Hedmuk Bass Music

Steppas Choice is going to Hibernation for the next two weeks....
starting today... since there won't be a show tonight I recommend to download this mix from www.hedmuk.blogspot.co.uk to fill the gap in your BASS needs

Kaiju - Hedmuk Exclusive Mix feat. Toast


Kaiju & Killawatt - Cave Of Wonders (Dub)
Kaiju & Perverse - Named After Heroes (Dub)
Kaiju - Snaggle Puss (Dub)
Kaiju - Close Break VIP (Dub)
Kaiju - Fall Guy (Dub)
Kaiju - Clang (Dub)
Kaiju - Seven (Dub)
Kaiju - Silverfish (Osiris Music)
Perverse - Cross Examination (feat. Beezy) (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Noisia - Dipolodocus (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Kaiju - Wrong Turn (Dub)
Kaiju - Atomic (Dub)
Kaiju - Think Twice (Dub)
Gantz - Catalyst (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Kaiju - Joke Shop (Dub)
Kaiju & Nanobyte - Faded (Dub)
Kaiju & Truth - Untitled (Dub)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Crays (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Kaiju - Roodbwoi (Dub)
Kaiju - Sniper Situation (Dub)
Kaiju - 3 + 2 (Dub)

Download it here:

Kaiju - Hedmuk Exclusive Mix feat. Toast

Visit http://hedmuk.blogspot.co.uk on a regular base - essential blogging over there! Big up Hedmuk.blogspot.co.uk!

04 January 2013

Dubstepforum.ch 2nd Birthday Bash: Kromestar, Biome, MC Dark Tantrums, Tengu Collective, Koolkat & Lowfat @ Salzhaus, Winterthur


2 Years Dubstepforum Switzerland

Line Up:

>> Nebula Music >> Team Starfleet >> Bass & Love >> Deep Medi >> UK

>> Osiris Music UK >> New Moon Recordings >> Blackbox >> UK

MC Dark Tantrums
>> Nebula Music >> Team Starfleet >> Deep Medi >> UK

Tengu Collective
>> Taiken & Flexible >> Mountain Dread Bass >> Strictly Vinyl

>>Burn The Night

>>Rhythm Family >> Dubstepforum.ch Head Honcho

Date: 18. January 2013
Venue: Salzhaus Winterthur
Entry Fee: ???

Flyer by

01 January 2013

...and even more...

More Freebies from Hedmuk Bass Music
Coleco - The Hedmuk EP

Coleco - Hedmuk EP

More Freebies: Nanobyte - Lost Time: The Remixes


To celebrate the first Birthday of InnaMind Recordings the guys release a massive free EP. Nanobyte's Lost Time gets the Remix Glory by Gantz, Occult, Dubtek, Anex & Congi. And the results are marvelous...
Covering a wide spectrum of Bass Music these tracks are absolutely essential!

Download here:
Nanobyte - Lost Time: The Remixes

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