21 July 2011

The Big Party Bust

the Big Party Bust

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Medienmitteilungen Stadtpolizei Zürich

«Der Polizeieinsatz hat uns Angst gemacht»
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18 July 2011

Steppas Choice 170: Chezz & C4TR

Steppas Choice 170: Chezz & C4TR
Broadcasted on the 4th of April 2011

Out of the Dust of a new Generation of BASS Heads, on a mission to push different strains of Dubstep / Bass Music, a man like Chezz emerged and came to showcase what he calls proper spanking Bass Madness: Deep'n'Dark morphing Basslines with sophisticated Swung out riddims. Chezz part of the Dubsludge Collective appeared at least for me with the launch of the Swiss Dubstep Forum.
As you might know my plan was always to support each and everyone who's active and pushing the sound. So it was clear that I hooked him up and offered him to come and play! So without further explanation,
Enjoy the Show!

Grab the Mix here:
Steppas Choice 170: Chezz & C4TR (04.04.2011)

Essential Linkage: www.getfilthy.ch

Interview Chezz

Bass Bless'

Creating A Buzz

Wiley whoo kid

Wiley & DJ Whoo Kid Mixtape!
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