17 October 2008

Upcoming Transmission: Steppas Choice 42: Live on FM!

Steppas Choice 42: BLADE & C4TR


For the second show on FM I hooked up with the undisputed one from the economically dwindling City of Zurich.

BLADE (NXTLVL), reppin the decent Beats and disgusting Basslines since day dot will subsist the B-Line Junkies and wayfarers between Echoes from the Past and the delays from the future with one of his heavy hitting mind blasting sets.

MC Operation will hopefully also grace the show with his appearance and satisfy the more MC orientated ones out there and will show them how he will cause a stormy havoc in the future.

So tune in for the B-Line Extravaganza, the usual Monday Night Madness, the wickedest show on a Monday Night!

Tune in on Monday the 20th of October from 21-23h CET in Zurich on Air: 96.9 FM / Worldwide on www.radioradius.ch


We gonna set your speakers on fire!

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STEPPAS CHOICE: every Monday >> 21-23h CET >> www.radioradius.ch

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14 October 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 41

Steppas Choice 41: Unfinished & Duplo alongside C4TR


Broadcasted: 13. October 2008

Oi! Oi!

Once again a wicked show delivered by DJ Unfinished and Duplo, who came to represent BeeTown to the fullest! Show them some love and visit DJ Unfinished on Myspace and Duplo on Myspace.

Only a few things to mention about this show:

As usual the temperature in the studio was killing us! 96 degrees in the shade and rising! I mean it’s not only all the machines that are producing all the heat, it’s also those three fellas jumping, skanking, shaking and going mad with the tunes (well actually two already make it maddening inside the studio!) plus the pure fire on the decks that make the heat in there nearly unbearable! Check the web cam further down in this blog to see how we dealt with the hotness… I will make a suggestion to the Radio Radius Management that they should install a proper air conditioning in there, because sooner or later someone will have a heat stroke in the Studio and I think the insurance of Radio Radius won’t cover it (Remember: If you come to do a Steppas Choice Show on Radio Radius your doing it at your own risk!)


Second thing: This show was broadcasted on 96.9 FM in Zurich! It was the first Steppas Choice Show to be broadcasted on a proper FM Frequency! Enlarging the scope business! Big up the Radio Radius Management for this!

As usual the Steppas Choice Studio Crew had a good time. A couple of beers to sink (During the FM time we have a fridge in the Studio! Thanks Red Bull!), some smokes, three crates full with the wobbling, skipping, hot steppin’ beauties and a decent soundsystem! Basic ingredients to make a Steppa happy!

Fourth thing to mention: The exclusive tracks!

Unfinished had some unreleased and forthcoming tunes in his bag, which are worth to be mentioned once again! Most of them are forthcoming on Bassism Records. Check the links for more info!

Bassism Records: Homepage / Myspace

Phonecall on Myspace

Gun Jack on Myspace


And I can already announce that I received some new unreleased bits from the F.4.T Record Label and some brand spanking new bits from 2BiT, which I will play in the next show! There’s also a rumour about some new tracks from Third… Check the links for more info!

F.4.T. Music: Homepage / Myspace

m3t4 on Myspace

Substep Infrabass on Myspace

2BiT on Myspace

Last thing to mention: the smell in the studio after the show could kill a SWAT Team! I’m thinking about canning it and sell it to conflict parties and Police Forces as a weapon…

So last thing to say:

Maximum Respect and a huge Big-up! to:

Unfinished & Duplo

the shoutbox massive

all the listeners, the shouting ones and the silent ones

the Radio Radius Management

the NXTLVL Crew

and all my One Union Steppas: Nur Sound / Unreleased Kollektiv / Radio Dadio

Enjoy the show!

Links to download the show:



Greetings & Bless’


NXTLVL / Steppas Choice

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12 October 2008

Moving Eye Candy

As you can see I got in a rush and searched my picture folder for some footage that I took over the past few years. All the trains were actually running on the public transport system of the canton of Zurich and all of them cheered me up! Some people got really mad when they see such trains running, some people have to puke when they see oversized commercials (like me). I think that is up to every single one to decide whether they like it or not…

The only thing that I didn’t get is that some people say it shows the decline of society… I have a different opinion, obviously. So this is for each and everyone that likes rolling coloured steel!

And once again I have to say:

This is no animation to paint illegal or to break the laws!

Upcoming Transmission: Steppas Choice 41: Live on FM!

Steppas Choice 41: DJ Unfinished & Duplo alongside C4TR


For the first show on FM I hooked up with the Steppas from the capitol of Switzerland also known as BeeTown. DJ Unfinished (NUR Sound), sophisticated DJ and up and coming Producer of subliminal Beauties will grace us together with Duplo, straight back from Berlin where he specially for this show was hunting down the bass hefty tunes on vinyl. So tune in for the B-Line
Extravaganza, the usual Monday Night Madness, the wickedest show on a Monday Night!

So tune in on Monday the 13th of October from 21-23h CET!

In Zurich on Air: 96.9 FM / Worldwide on www.radioradius.ch

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09 October 2008

Eye Candy

Eye Candy or something that makes my grey days colourful Part 2


Actually this is some older footage but I think is still nice to see it and because I like coloured rolling steel I decided to put it in my blog! 

Maximum Respect to the night activists and all the nocturnal people and those who colour up my grey days!


This is no animation to paint illegal or to break the laws!

08 October 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 40

Steppas Choice 40: Selector Lloyd & C4TR

Blog Steppas Choice 40

Broadcasted: 6. October 2008

Woop! Woop!

The Selector was back behind the decks and, trust me, he played some serious ish! Once again an absolutely smashing selection from Lloyd with C4TR on the intro and outro duties... Was quiet a good show… although it was the 3rd Birthday of Dubstepforum.com and at the same time the obit of it! RIP Dubstepforum.com! And like Duplo said on the shoutbox: There will be always a place for the dubstepforum in heaven! And we will keep it in memory! Maximum Respect to those who were a part of it!


And as I wrote this about the dubstepforum I checked it again and see: It’s back online! There's life in the old dog yet! Joy!



Links to download the show:



CAM1 grossCAM2 gross

02 October 2008

Something that makes my grey days colourful

Train VTO

Colour on rolling steel! Nice surprise on a fucked up day! Makes me always smile and think of the law of our society that if you pay for it, it would be okay!
Just think of the Commercials, which terrorize your eyes everywhere and always.
So here’s one for all the promotion people, which produce the nasty commercials to make us feel inappropriate as long as we didn’t buy this and that!
Some people refuse to give you the best spots and I’m more than happy to see this Optical Toxication!
Makes everything a bit more colourful!

Train Taps

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