09 August 2011

LDN Riots

London hasn't seen something like this since the Blitz - and that was horrific

More Info on BBC News or Indy Media London
No Comment... just sad and worried... there is no justification what so ever for what happend.. and don't tell me one of the following justifies it:
- Cut in the Social Service while saving big banks with governmental money; if so they completely missed there target; there's no need to destroy your own neighborhood, visit the financial district
- Quiet funny, liven' of social help, in social housing, with sneakers for hundred pounds and even more expensive trainers, organized through a blackberry or an iPhone going to loot out of poverty? I would say they are just bored, segregated from the society by a policy that is mainly serving the upperclass and closing down community and youth centers, etc... don't even get started with the British School System

I know this is very simple explanation and the problem is a multilayer one, but come on boys if half of it is true what you can hear and see on Telly (BBC / SKY News), then they went over the top.
And it will get worse, more Repression and no Goodwill from no where any more, Curfew and Army Water Cannons plus rubber bullets on the horizon... Good Luck LDN!