27 February 2009

Madness on the step up!

I already announced in the last show and in this blog that we will have a very special guest this Monday on the mighty Steppas Choice Radio Show!


Tommy Lexxus
Head Honcho of San Francisco based Bassism Records and heavy supporter and massive promoter of proper Bass Music will come equipped with cutting edge beats and bass, from the heaviest wobbles to the deepest timbres and rub-a-dub vibes to grace the Show!
And… trust me… this one gonna be an absolutely wicked one!
So tune in for:
Steppas Choice 61: The Lexxus & C4TR

Check out Bassism Records Online
Check out Tommy Lexxus on MySpace

Tune in this Monday from 21-23h CET for Steppas Choice on www.radioradius.ch

Interact! Check the Shoutbox

Greetings and Bless’


17 February 2009

Steppas Choice 59

Steppas Choice 59: Elusive Bastard & C4TR


Seems too me that we started the show with some technical difficulties… one of the Servers, to be precise the one where the MP3-Stream is handled over is not working right or even kicked the bucket (http://relay.radio.ethz.ch:8123/index.html reports server is currently down). Thanks for Unfinished and Deadbybeats for troubleshooting and informing us at the studio through the shoutbox! Highly Appreciated!
As an info for all my Steppas reading this: if you have troubles listening the show try to download the VLC Player and click on the .ogg Icon on the radioradius.ch page to listen to the show… the MP3 Server is not on dutty! (Although I just checked it and it was working for me… strange…)

LDN CCTV Tower & Airplane

The Elusive Bastard was upon the decks for this one and brought some serious dubz from our eastern neighbour. Got to say there’s something going on in Austria! I will give you here a short list of those tracks I remember to be played by the Elusive Bastard

DFRNT - The next step (El Rakkas Remix) (Forthcoming Echodub)
Simon/Off - Dread Control
Simon/Off - New Hope
Simon/Off - Mr. Kirks Nightmare
Simon/Off - Exit Space
El Rakkas - Looking For Love In Several Wrong Places (Forthcoming Dubsquare Records)

Big up these dubheads! Some absolutely wicked tuneage! My favourite: Mr. Kirks Nightmare – oh my gosh … got to ask Simon/Off for this!

Check El Rakkas on MySpace
Check Simon/Off on MySpace

LDN Sticker 1

Don’t forget to tune in next Thursday, the 19th of February:
Jungle Rocket: Elusive Bastard & Blade (NXTLVL) feat. MC Staga on Radio Radius

Trust me Zenit announced some BIG BAD Ones in the making so to say forthcoming Events, which will truly push it! So grab your agenda and mark them with a thick red marker:

Some Dates to remember:
20. Februar -> Subsound, Blade & Staga, Broods & Kolt’ & Radio Dadio Gang – Hosted by Me, Myself & I -> Coupole Bienne/BNZoo
6. March -> Hijak (Deep Medi Musik/Tectonic/LDN) & Subeena (Imminent/LDN) & Radio Dadio Gang -> Case a Chocs Neuchatel
7.March -> BOMB SQUAD (ex public enemy) -> Sudpole Luzern -> more info (http://www.suedpol-luzern.ch/programm_detail.php?p=65)
30. April -> Joker, DJ Hatcha & Crazy D -> Coupole Bienne/BNZoo

For the last one I would like to quote Zenit:
“yooooo.... joker to be confirmed but contracts on its way... thanks blade! 1000 thanks!”
Monday, 16. February 22:15 by Zenit


At your own risk – but check this:

Happy Bimmele Hardcore JA!

DiscoZombieTeenagers from outer space! JA!

Largin’ up my Shoutboxers!
Out to Unfinished & Deadbybeats! Out to Sarah! Out to Duplo & Moody - TheManwithTats! Special Big Up to S.L.D.D&G. Out to Slass! Out to Zenit – Your chest! By the way Zenit: Greetings to the Aliens blocking the Show inna di BN Zoo… Out to Subsound & the International Famo! Out to each and everyone listening and all I forgot to mention!

Recording of the Show will be online later next week…

Greetings & Bless’
And may the Bass be with you!


Africa Rail Crossing

Boxes ARE wicked!

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13 February 2009

Nuit Noire: Unreleased Session @ Ebullition


Tales from LDN

LDN ina flu state

LDN Rooftop

As so often I got sick with the start of my holiday… lucky me that the spirit of LDN is still touching me every time I got there. It’ s like an addiction to sock up LDN overall experience like a roast socking up the gravy. So as long as I was running through the city from record store to record store and from bookstore to some wired stores I was feeling fine. Especially when walking down Oxford Street and looking into a side street and seeing right behind a Royal Mail Distribution Centre on this huge wall one of my favourite Banksy Pieces… gosh was I excited!


But problems started in the hotel room. I was really feeling sick. Body temperature wise it was hopping around between cold and warm, freezing and sweating. Got a head like a giant after a heavy bank holyday weekender with no sleep and heavy drinking experience.


Sunday Night >> FWD
Would I make it? Into the next pharmacy got me that funky day and night nurse and… yes we did go and it was pure vibes.
D-Bridge was playing some nice low down subby soulful tunes, which will be released sometime next year probably on his own imprint Exit Recordings. Absolutely meditation styleizm.
Martyn, who was there to launch his new LP, was going right through some of his biggest hits. Predict: Very danceable and minimalist with massive Bass.
SP:MC, who was hosting D-Bridge’s and Martyn’s Set was doing his ting the way I like it… essential and in the right momrnt; not too much not too little
Kode9 and Spaceape, I’m very ashamed of, I missed completely… fever has taken me…


Plastic People was crowded, too crowded. The usual curtain was a way and the room was smashing full from front to back! I’m telling you as we went it was nearly impossible to get to the door, we had to squeeze trough a wall of human bodys mostly standing ‘cause you couldn’t dance because of the masses of people that where in there… but still it was much peace fuller than the last Dubstep Upfront Party at LeZoo…

Which reminds me of … don’t miss this one… I’m probably not gonna make it… still in the flu man mode…

Cyrus Distance

One usefull information for the seekers of the freshest vinyl:
Uptown Records in D’Arblay Street doesn’t exist anymore… but no worries it isn’t completely gone. It’s now located in Lexington Street a bit further south but still in Soho.
I found there some rare Grime Vinyls, some hot stepping White Labels and good T-Shirts and the staff there is also outstanding… hope that Logan Sama get back to me concerning my request from the shop! Defo a place not to miss on your LDN Trip.

Spent the whole Monday and Tuesday in Bed which is a bloody shame when being in London but simply couldn’t make it out of bed…
Quiet strange coincident: A year ago on the weekend I left LDN to go back to good ol’ Switzerland the Camden Market burned down and caused a massive traffic jam on the streets of LDN and on the Tube System. This time it was some kind of office complex with the same aftermath…

Oh gosh… bloody flu… I’m on my way back to bed…

Take care of yourself!

May the Bass be with you!


LDN Sticker 2

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12 February 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 55

Steppas Choice 55: Deadbybeats & C4TR

Sarah Sword Lady

Broadcasted: 19. January 2009

Deadbybeats is tearing down a proper digital 4 decks mix on this one while his girlfriend Sarah was doing her female ninja business in the studio with pen and paper… Myself in the meantime messin’ with the studio and the MIC…

Big up Deadbybeats for the selection of wicked tunes!
Maximum Respect to Sarah for the sketches!

It seems that digital DJing is gonna be more common in the future; Software has increased in performance and with a bit of compassion and love for the music it opens new ways and approaches to what a DJ can do in a set… still I believe Bass sounds better if it’s straight from Vinyl and played out loud on a proper system! And isn’t it all about enjoying brand spanking bass sounds on a decent system?

Enjoy the Show!

Download Link:
Steppas Choice 55

Don’t forget to check Bassnihilist.ch

Greetings & Bless'

Sarah Ninja Lady

10 February 2009

Check out: Dubstep on Tribute Soundsystem @ Coupole BN Zoo

Dubstep on Tribute Soundsystem @ Coupole BN Zoo


Come one – come all!
Celebrate with us the first birthday of the mighty Tribute Soundsystem!!!

Friday, the 20th of February
Radio Dadio and Tribute Soundsystem present:

A Night full of Dubstep & Heavyweight Bass Sound performed on Tribute Soundsystem!

subbus / sub.fm / barcelona

nxtlvl / zürich

unreleased kollektiv / fribourg & vd

radio dadio / tribute soundsystem

Hosted by:
nxtlvl / zürich

Coupole Bienne / Biel

Doors: 22:00
Entry: 10.- CHF

Come to enjoy the proper spanking Bass Pressure, to skank out your foot, to bubble and sink some drinks!

See you there!

Greetings & Bless’


Steppas Choice: Sustained Dubstep Cultivation
Every Monday 21-23h CET

09 February 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 53

Steppas Choice 53: C4TR in the hot seat

Yard ZeeCity

Broadcasted: 5. January 2009

Good occasion to post a mix with out saying much… Operation on the MIC – your chest! C4TR on the decks… don’t watch the lousy mixing…

Enjoy the Show!

Download Links:
Steppas Choice 53

Greetings & Bless'

Wall Line 2

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Download the Show: Steppas Choice 52

Steppas Choice 52: Unfinished & C4TR


Broadcasted: 29. Dezember 2008

Some nice Dubplate Pressure to make up fort he cancelled show... Unfinished & C4TR upon decks, dubz from Bassism, Unfinished, Starkey and alot b-line pressure.

Enjoy the Show!

Download Links:
Part One

Part Two

Greetings & Bless'


06 February 2009

Some info for all Steppas…

Gnom on Trash

Call it what you want… urgent, reminding or completely new to you… here are some news and a bit of info

Don’t forget for those who like mad Bass and love to skank out their foots and sink some beers/drinks these are two events not to miss both taking place this weekend:

Dubstep Sessions @ Fri-Son Fribourg

6 February Dubstep Session

Check my blog entry for this here

New income party wise and probably the most short notice for a party, so to say a promoter’s nightmare was the info I got from Selector Lloyd on Thursday night. The confirmation came Friday morning… so here we go:


Saturday, 7th February
Part 1

Selecta Lloyd
Dub Aron (DubVersive)
Don Pidon

…inna heavy weight dubsession!!

Doors: 22:00 CET
Entry: 5.- CHF

Club OH
Hohlstrasse 452

I think they gonna play on the KingKong Soundsystem which will be specially build up for this event… sounds like proper bass, innit’?
Maybe they gonna do this more frequently in the future… would be great after the closedown of the mighty Dock18…so if you can make it go there!


On to some news and things I want to spread and share with you…

I received some new tracks from Kid Lion & Faustizm and oh my gosh! Proper spanking tunes! Fisherman Dub and Oktoguner are huge! Tune in to the next Steppas Choice… I’m going to play them!

Also Kid Lion & Faustizme got their first official release!
Read more here:

Faustizm's MySpace Blog

Planet Terror Records

Planet Terror Records 005 Release Info

Big up to you guys!

Also I should receive the newest creation from the mighty Broods. The Monster is entitled “The Comet” and is a serious beauty… I fall in Love with first hearing… absolutely stunning! Largin’ up Broods keep that stuff coming!

You can listen to the track by downloading the Steppas Choice 57 Show, which will be shortly online!

On to the sad news…
There will be no Steppas Choice Show on the 9th of February due to C4TR’s stay in LDN TWN… I’m deeply sorry…
We gonna redo the Session with Duplo in March…

Don’t forget to check this blog again for some goodies… and maybe some news outta LDN TWN…

Greetings & Blessing



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