24 May 2008

Steppas Choice 22: Broods & C4TR (02.06.2008) - Français

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Steppas Choice 22: Broods & C4TR (02.06.2008)

Et je peux à nouveau annoncer une autre Steppas Choice, qui a été en suspens pendant des mois et prévue depuis la première apparition de l'Unreleased Kollektiv au Dubstep Madness Session 4. Après le spectacle honoré par son crew Kolt’ (11 Steppas Choice Edition) et Slass (14 Steppas Choice Edition), il est enfin de retour pour nous faire bouger les jambes, osciller les hanches et frapper la tête!

Steppas Choice, 22ème édition avec les sons de celui que l'on prénomme BROODS.

Broods, qui fait partie du Unreleased Kollektiv, est un producteur et DJ de l'ouest lausannois et est connu pour ses productions comme le cassant "Astrolight" ou ses deux dernières sorties Dancefloor Killers "Après Soleil" et "Desert Toad's". Il a également quelques morceaux de plus sous sa ceinture et toutes graver correctement sur dubplate! Beaucoup d'exclusivités sur le show à venir! Le tout avec une bonne culture de Basslines et des Beats, échos et réverbs! Donc ne manquez pas cet event!

J'espère également que le Web cam fonctionne de nouveau, que le serveur fonctionne correctement et que je serai en mesure d'être en ligne sur MSN. En espérant vous voir en ligne et en espérant que vous prendrez à cette occasion du plaisir à écouter quelques-unes des plus folles vibrations local, régional et international!

D'ailleurs vous pouvez télécharger "Astrolight" gratuitement sur la home page du Unreleased Kollektiv. Si la piste ne peut plus être trouvée sur la page, juste attendre, la Unreleased Kollektiv est sur le point de changer leur présence internet, entièrement redéveloppé sera bientôt en ligne… D'ici là, vous pouvez visiter Broods a Digital Tunes et acheter ses pistes et  soutenir la qualité remarquable de ces productions!



Check out:

Unreleased Kollektiv Online

Broods on Digital Tunes

23 May 2008

Steppas Choice 22: Broods & C4TR (02.06.2008) - English

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Steppas Choice 22: Broods & C4TR (02.06.2008)

And again I can announce another Steppas Choice, which was overdue for months and planned since the first appearance of the Unreleased Kollektiv in the Dubstep Madness Session 4. After the show got graced by his crew mates Kolt’ (11th Steppas Choice Edition) and Slass (14th Steppas Choice Edition) he’s finally on the step up to make us skank out the legs, wobble the guts and nod the head:

Steppas Choice the 22nd Edition with the Sounds of the one they call BROODS

Broods, part of the Unreleased Kollektiv, is a Producer and DJ out of “Ouest lausannois” (the East of Lausanne) and his known for his own smashing productions like Astrolight or his two brand spanking new Dancefloor Killers After Sun and Desert’s Toad. He also got a couple more tunes under his belt and all of them properly cut on Dubplate! Plenty of exclusive stuff on the come up! And proper cultivation of Basslines and Drums, Echoes and Reverbs! So tune in for another one not to miss!

I also hope that the Web cam will work again, the server works correct and that I will be able to be online on MSN. Hope to see you online and hope you take that chance to listen to some of the wickedest sounds that are out there local, regional and international! 

By the way: You can download (or could) Astrolight for free from the Unreleased Kollektiv Homepage. If the track can’t be found on page anymore, just wait, the Unreleased Kolletkiv is about to change their Internet appearance and the fully developed page will soon be online… In the time waiting for that you could visit Broods on Digital Tunes and buy his tracks and show some support for his outstanding productions!



Unrelease Kollektiv Online

BROODS on Digital Tunes

21 May 2008

Steppas Choice: Interview with THIRD

Because we never do Interviews in the show I decided to do some Interviews for the Steppas Choice Blog. So here is the first with the unknown man they call THIRD! So here we go:

C4TR: Name?

Third: THIRD

C4TR: Representing?


C4TR: Based / Home?

Third: Somewhere in the dust of Suburbia Zurich in an old chemical industry complex near the toxic waste in a little shelter

C4TR: How did you get into music?

Third: …don’t know… all of a sudden she was there and told me what to do… since that day I’m her slave

C4TR: What’s your story?

Third: In the beginning there was a shadow… ahhh no I think I skip that… arrm let’s continue her and then there was this incredible hunger for more bass… and all of a sudden I found Dubstep… and my obsession started… since then I’m spending the nights with playing on my drumset made out of old Oil and chemical stuff tuns and also my rhythmical section made out of plastic bins and cardboard boxes. Everything is hooked up to an old industrial computer by a ton of fisher price children microphones. The computer is also connected to my old VHS Player. So I’m sitting in the dark in deep meditation listening to some beats and watch some old videos, which were once disposed of here by some heavy truck.

C4TR: How long have you been producing music?

Third: Since I emerged here in this old factory

C4TR: How long have you been djing?

Third: nope… I’m not Djing… no talent and my old gramophone won’t be a good thing to do it with…

C4TR: Biggest tune so far?

Third: “Do something” with a man like UNFINISHED and a Thing called THIRD behind the buttons. Was nice to meet this guy and spend hours behind all the machines. But I don’t know if you can call it big… and “4 3 2 1”

C4TR: What inspires or influences you?

Third: Ideas, Thoughts, Shadows, Whispers in the Dark, anything can be an Influence! Inspiration is my surrounding… the waste of a lost generation… the rust of the old glory days…

C4TR: What track would you most like to have written?

Third: …gosh! A lot! Anything from Mala, Kode9 & Kromestar…or some of the tunes Youngsta plays in his set, where I don’t even know who's done it… but actually it’s good that they did it… and I’m happy with what I do…

C4TR: Who is your favourite DJ / Producer and why?

Third: Too many… Mala is definitively in top list also Kromestar, Kode9, Distance, Rusko, Orien, Hatcha, El-B, Horsepower, Silkie, Heny G, Quest, … as I said too many to mention… in general I’m more into the deep - meditation stuff but also all the other styles… always depends on my mood

C4TR: Who has been the most supportive of you or your production?

Third: You should tell me that… no basically you C4TR for asking for my beats and playing them on STEPPAS CHOICE! I don’t know to whom you gave my tracks!

C4TR: DJ Unfinished, Broods, Faustizm, Kolt’, DJ Riddlah, Moonshine…

Third: and did they like it?

C4TR: Well, yeah I think so because they all asked me for your tracks

Third: good to hear… A massive shout out to those guys! Out to One Union! Out to NXT LVL!

C4TR: Weapon of Choice:

Third: Anything that is able to create a sound! And ridiculous amounts of bass pressure!

C4TR: What event would you most like to play at and why?

Third: I would love to hear my tunes at a Night like DMZ or FWD>> or on RINSE.FM! But actually I’m already quiet happy with hearing them on a bigger system or in your Radio Show! I also would like to see people that skank out properly to one of my tunes!

C4TR: Proudest moment to date:

Third: Don’t know… probably right now just some seconds ago when you told me to whom you gave my tracks…

C4TR: What’s the best way to get on in life?

Third: don’t mess with the ghosts living in a deserted factory; smile while struggling and keep your head up! Be conscious about what you’re doing and do the things you do with passion and love!

C4TR: What’s your poison?

Third: Behind my shelter there is a crack in the old wall they built around some kind of reactor. A green substance is leaking out through that crack and mixed with some gin or pure this is the shit! But I’m also happy with that drink you call beer! I also smoke a certain weed that grows during summer near the broken canalisation. It is kind of like your weed but a lot stronger.

C4TR: What’s your ideal night out?

Third: To be honest I don’t leave my shelter often… but an ideal night for me is a night like the night when I first met you: I woke up in a Backyard in Hackney. Found some bread and a brand new cash clipper with eight ten pound banknotes attached to it. So I went and bought some vinyl. It was Friday night and all of a sudden I ran into some old friends and went with them to sink some beers… hours later and in a pretty good condition out to the street again to FWD>> to hear Youngsta and N-Type. Had some beers, listened to the wickedest tunes out there on a massive system and met some good people like you… and I saw a stunning girl that night!

C4TR: What’s the best studio advice you’ve been given?

Third: The women whispering to me all that sweet melody!

C4TR: What’s your best studio advice?

Third: Ideas are worth lot more than expensive studio equipment!

C4TR: What’s next for you?

Third: Chase you little bastard out of my shelter! Haha! No serious… Don’t know… doing some new tracks at the moment… trying to do more… trying to improve my skills… and hope to do some tracks with some of the One Union Mates!

C4TR: Last thing: I give you a word and you tell me what comes to your mind:

Green: and sticky is better than brown and dry

Bass: absolutely necessary to live

Steppas Choice: Wicked Radio Show on a Monday Night: My Tracks get played there! Haha!

Pink: don’t mix them with the yellow ones!

Best Party so far in Switzerland: Hatcha b2b Youngsta with Crazy D at Le Zoo / Usine Geneva

C4TR: Top Five Dubstep Tunes at the moment:


  1. Skream "The Shining" (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
  2. Unfinished & Third "Do something" (Unreleased)
  3. Quarta 330 "Sunset Dub" (Hyperdub)
  4. Doctor and Cotti "Temperature" (Unreleased)
  5. Mala "Bury da Bwoy"

C4TR: Famous last words and shout outs

Third: Big up to Mr. Unfinished! Out to the One Union Gang! Largin'up Mr.Blade and the whole NXT LVL CRW! Out to the Unreleased Kollektiv! Out to Radio Dadio! Out ot Subbus Crew and the Spainzerland Massive! Keep it growing!

C4TR: Thanks for the Interview!

Steppas Choice 21: DeathbyBeats & C4TR (26.05.2008)

Upcoming Show
Steppas Choice 21: DeathbyBeats & C4TR (26.05.2008)
After the cancelled 18th Edition where he should have been playing we finally made it! But due to the movment of the Radio Radius Studios this Show didn't take place. The Studio would have been ready (at least the provisionary solution) but the Radio Administration turned my request down. They said it wouldn't be fair towards the other guys which have a show on Radius. But I think it's not my fault if they never ask to do a show! Where is the hunger to be on air, the hunger to showcase the beloved music? Anyway politics... haha! So the original Announcer text is at least coming true! Here we go! 
Tonight we deal with Deadbybeats who’s gonna feed the one’s and two’s with some things from the darker side of Dubstep. He is also the man behind this page: www.bassnihilist.ch, which keeps you up to date with himself but also with nationwide stuff. We also gonna play some new tunes both local and international. So tune in for some of the wickedest sound existing in these Babylonian times we live in and to properly skank out your demons!

19 May 2008

Steppas Choice 20: SELECTOR LLOYD & C4TR (19.05.2008)

Upcoming Show
Steppas Choice 20: SELECTOR LLOYD & C4TR (19.05.2008)

Half of everything is luck! It was like that with this edition of Steppas Choice… Actually I hoped to have Mr. Broods out of the Unreleased Kollektiv for the 20th Show of Steppas Choice. It would have been great to have him as an outstanding DJ and Producer in the Show to celebrate this milestone... Due to some language barriers we have in Switzerland and my lousy talent to speak French and perhaps even some technical difficulties in communication it didn’t work out… for this show! 
So it was Friday Night and I didn’t have a DJ for Monday! Head buzz! I was on the search for an equivalent replacement and found a man diggin’ the crates since ages, a true vinyl lover and music collector, or to put it short: a passionate bass-loving freak! 
Some of you might have heard his appearance on the 7th Show, on 18th of February and may remember his set… true Dub on Dubs, Digi Dub at it’s best, both old and new, mixed with the new Dubsounds out of LDN, both of them with one thing in common: True Bassline Pressure!
I’m very glad to announce to you that the one and only SELECTOR LLOYD will distribute the Sound for the 20th Edition of the mighty STEPPAS CHOICE!
Proper spanking bassline madness - DUB from back then in Jamaica to Future DUB of tomorrow out of LDN, mixed together with a Selection of some international Bass extravaganza and some exclusives material!

Another one not to miss... for the Lovers of deep low down super skanking wild out bassy catchy soulful uprockin' Bassline Extravaganza!