14 January 2013

Steppas Choice Hibernation Mix 1: Kaiju Mix from Hedmuk Bass Music

Steppas Choice is going to Hibernation for the next two weeks....
starting today... since there won't be a show tonight I recommend to download this mix from www.hedmuk.blogspot.co.uk to fill the gap in your BASS needs

Kaiju - Hedmuk Exclusive Mix feat. Toast


Kaiju & Killawatt - Cave Of Wonders (Dub)
Kaiju & Perverse - Named After Heroes (Dub)
Kaiju - Snaggle Puss (Dub)
Kaiju - Close Break VIP (Dub)
Kaiju - Fall Guy (Dub)
Kaiju - Clang (Dub)
Kaiju - Seven (Dub)
Kaiju - Silverfish (Osiris Music)
Perverse - Cross Examination (feat. Beezy) (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Noisia - Dipolodocus (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Kaiju - Wrong Turn (Dub)
Kaiju - Atomic (Dub)
Kaiju - Think Twice (Dub)
Gantz - Catalyst (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Kaiju - Joke Shop (Dub)
Kaiju & Nanobyte - Faded (Dub)
Kaiju & Truth - Untitled (Dub)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Crays (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)
Kaiju - Roodbwoi (Dub)
Kaiju - Sniper Situation (Dub)
Kaiju - 3 + 2 (Dub)

Download it here:

Kaiju - Hedmuk Exclusive Mix feat. Toast

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04 January 2013

Dubstepforum.ch 2nd Birthday Bash: Kromestar, Biome, MC Dark Tantrums, Tengu Collective, Koolkat & Lowfat @ Salzhaus, Winterthur


2 Years Dubstepforum Switzerland

Line Up:

>> Nebula Music >> Team Starfleet >> Bass & Love >> Deep Medi >> UK

>> Osiris Music UK >> New Moon Recordings >> Blackbox >> UK

MC Dark Tantrums
>> Nebula Music >> Team Starfleet >> Deep Medi >> UK

Tengu Collective
>> Taiken & Flexible >> Mountain Dread Bass >> Strictly Vinyl

>>Burn The Night

>>Rhythm Family >> Dubstepforum.ch Head Honcho

Date: 18. January 2013
Venue: Salzhaus Winterthur
Entry Fee: ???

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01 January 2013

...and even more...

More Freebies from Hedmuk Bass Music
Coleco - The Hedmuk EP

Coleco - Hedmuk EP

More Freebies: Nanobyte - Lost Time: The Remixes


To celebrate the first Birthday of InnaMind Recordings the guys release a massive free EP. Nanobyte's Lost Time gets the Remix Glory by Gantz, Occult, Dubtek, Anex & Congi. And the results are marvelous...
Covering a wide spectrum of Bass Music these tracks are absolutely essential!

Download here:
Nanobyte - Lost Time: The Remixes

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