29 November 2010

Steppas Choice 3rd Anniversary Mix

Steppas Choice 3rd Anniversary Mix
Steppas Choice 3rd Anniversary Mix by Unfinished
Just found this one while cleaning up my e-mail account...
Absolutly wicked Mix done by the man from day dot Mister Unfinished!
This Mix is basically a showcase of unfinished Unfinished Tunes. And while listening to it I remember the days when the house still had to be build and we traveled to every little event. This Mix from Unfinished contains some unreleased home grown beauties from back in the days! Roots Music so to say! Enjoy!

Download the Mix here:
Steppas Choice 3rd Anniversary Mix by DJ Unfinished

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08 October 2010

Mala @ DubExMachina/Cabaret

Mala @ DubExMachina

Mala (Digital Mystikz - DMZ/Deep Medi Musik/UK)
Phrex (Blazin'Dubz/BE)
Guyus & New.com (DubExMachina/ZH)

Doors: 23h
Entry: ???

More Information here Dub Ex Machina Page and here Event on DubstepForum.com

Hope to see y'all there!
Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

04 October 2010

Caspa & Rod Azlan @ Dachstock / Bern

Caspa, Rod Azlan & Rusko

Caspa & MC Rod Azlan (Sub Soldiers/Dub Police/Storming Production/UK)
Ben Danger & BB1 (FMI/DangerDubz)

Visuals by CMP.IN

More Information here:
Dachstock Homepage
Event on DubstepForum.com

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

29 September 2010

NXTLVL @ Mehrspur


For more Information please check:
This Event on DubstepForum.com
Mehrspur Musikklub Homepage
NXT LVL Homepage

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

P.S: Inofficial Flyer by a guy that supports BASS MUSIC

14 September 2010

Don't miss this: MALA @ Mothership/Neuchâtel

Mala @ Mothership

if you really need more info:
check this:

Steppers: I hope to see you there!

07 September 2010

Loefah, Ramadanman, Sgt. Pokes & Subsound @ Dubstep Upfront /

Loefah @ dubstep Upfront Sound

What a start for the new Dubstep Upfront Sound Season @ LeZoo!

Dubstep Upfront Sound proudly presents:

Loefah (DMZ, Swamp81, UK)
Ramadanman (Hessle Audio)
Subsound (B:LOW, Sub FM, Chorizo Show)
Lukah (Bristol Massive)
MC Sgt. Pokes (DMZ)

Visual by AKINETIK

Doors: 23h00 CET
12f/8.5€ before 2am
15f/11€ after

More Info: www.lezoo.ch

Largin' up the Zoo Gang & Spainzerland Massive on this!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

16 May 2010

Martyn, Shakleton, Subsound @ Dub Ex Machina / Cabaret

Martyn Dub Ex Machina

23. May 2010
Dub Ex Machina
Martyn (Warp, 3024, Tempa, Tectonic, Washington / US)
ShackletonLive! (Skull Disco, Perlon, Berlin / DE)
Subsound (B-Low, Chorizo Show, Sub.FM, Barcelona / ES)
Nat & Cio (Scandal!, Spezialmaterial)
Guyus & New.com (Dub Ex Machina)

Cabaret Zurich
Doors: 23h
Entry Fee: ???

More Info:

11 May 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 99

2 - 99

Broadcasted on the 23rd of November 2009

Steppas Choice 99: C4TR in the hot seat
Straight Bass Dawa – Pure Monday Night Madness
Same “DJ” – Different Day
Nuff said!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 99: C4TR in the hot seat

Enjoy the Show!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

Sugart Sticker Praha

09 May 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 98

3 - 98

Broadcasted on the 16th of November 2009

Steppas Choice 98: C4TR in the hot seat
Straight Bass Dawa – Pure Monday Night Madness
Nuff said!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 98: C4TR in the hot seat

Enjoy the Show!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you


08 May 2010

Ancient Memories

Loefah @ Dubstep Upfront Sound

Remember this!
Just found this two videos in the waist of my data hard drive.
Loefah & Sgt. Pokes @ LeZoo – Would like to see more of these!
Big up the DMZ dynasty!
Big up the Zoo Gang!

07 May 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 97

4 - 97

Broadcasted on the 9th of November 2009

Steppas Choice 97: Unfinished & C4TR
Another one with the one and only, the number one Future Garagist, Unfinished! Was extremely happy that he could make it into the last one on a proper FM Frequency! What would an FM Session be with out Unfinished and his Bass seduced Freshness?

C4TR on Intro dutty before Unfinished starts to showcase he’s newest homegrown Tunes, a massive Dose of Future Garage and the usual bass madness injection for your listening pleasure! As usual the mix is full of dubs and unreleased tunes and a true gourmet trip for your ears! Some might say there’s even some Raveidge in it! Download, drop in and find out!
Enjoy the Show!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 97: Unfinished & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
Unfinished on Soundcloud
The best Link first! Visit this page on a regular base to listen to the newest bites from Unfinished! Switzerland’s finest in Future Garage!

Unfinished / NUR Bass on Ustream
Catch Unfinished on Ustream where he’s broadcasting an on and off Show with all kinds of Bass driven Music. Highly recommended but hard to catch live! Hope you’re a lucky one and get the message when he’s doing a show on Ustream…

Bassism Records Homepage
Visit the Label that brought you Beep’s monster tune “Morning”. Also heavily supported by Unfinished and Steppas Choice

L2S Recordings Homepage
One of the leading Label for Future Garage founded and run by Whistla (Sub.FM). Not a single bad tune put out to date! Recommended by Unfinished & C4TR

Night Audio Records
Future Garage Label founded by Kingthing. Heavily supported by Unfinished!

Update! - Update! - Update!
Just recieved this over AIM from Unfinished...


Future Garage Forum
The Forum for Future Garage for all the essential Info

Unfinished on Myspace

Enjoy the Show!
Greetings and may the Bass be with you


06 May 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 96

5 - 96

Broadcasted on the 2nd of November 2009

Steppas Choice 96: Slass, Kolt’ & C4TR
For the third of four shows, which were broadcasted last year, I was very lucky to get another chance to host the Sounds of the mighty Unreleased Kollektiv! This time we had Kolt’ and Slass behind the ones and twos. And there set was pure meditation on the deeper vibes allthrough. And it seemed that it was needed to be so…
Duplo, who was listening from somewhere in Mexico, in bed with Dengue Fever absolutely needed our vibes to restore his health and recharge his bass driven soul. Also Zenit was fighting influenza… at this point not yet sure if it was Swine flu (Let me call it Piggy Flu)…And I think each and every one who was involved in the show helped to give Duplo and Zenit the good vibes to get well again.
Anyway I hope when you listen to the show you will also feel kinda relief from the daily struggles we all face...

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 96: Slass, Kolt’ & C4TR

Streetart Praha1

One good thing about DJ’s that are equipped with a Serato DJ System is that you can easily get a playlist of your set. So I would like to big up Kolt’ for sending me the tracklist for this set!

Tracklist for this show:

Doors of perception - Data ft Cell

Superflight - 2562
Taiko Dub - Sp:Mc
Leaves - Data
Generation Dub - Kryptic Minds
Level Nine - Mala
YesNo - 2562
Superflight - 2562
768 - Kryptic Minds

Alabama - Synko & Indigo
Reminissin (Kode 9 refix) - Geiom
Everything We Stand For (Original Mix) - TRG
On the edge - Benga
Could this be - Synko & Indigo
Tempered - Rustie
Hi Tech Soul (Original Mix) - Klic

Lick It - Sukh Knight
Bloodclart - Kromestar
Up In Smoke - Sukh Knight
Digital Simplicity - Hatcha V Lost
Higher - Breakage
Fly Eyes - Distinction
Justice - Jakes
Hell Mary - Kromestar & Hatcha

Big Toon (vocal edit) - HOTS.O.A.P. ft Werd2Jah
California Style (Original Mix) - Noah D, Bablyon System
Dark Passenger - Vesicle
No Sun - Fused Forces
Lion - Original Mix - Sick Rebel

Slass b2b Kolt
Cobra - 16 Bit
Ganja Dub (Original Mix) - Sukh Knight
Bassbin - Kromestar
Spotlight - Gargamel, Slaughter Mob
Digidesign - Joker
Music Makers - Synkro
Trainstation - Broods
T Rox - Grimelock

The Future - Trolley Snatcha


Essential Linkage for this Show:
Download Kolt’s Mix for Radio Virus
Don’t forget to check this exposure on national Radio out! Absolutly big Mix from the one thy call Kolt’

Check out the Unreleased Kollektiv Homepage
Get all the essential Information about the Unreleased Kollektiv

Check out Kolt’s Audio Blog
Check out Kolt’s new Audio Blog and find the hidden percies!

Unrelased Kollektiv Podcast
Don’t forget to subscripe to the Unreleased Kollektiv Podcast!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you

Prague Bridge

30 April 2010

Bomb the City with Bass


Radio Lora Online

Skream, Hijak & Sgt. Pokes @ Mapping Festival

Mapping Festival

7. May 2010
Mapping Festival
Skream (Tempa, Big Apple Rec, Disfigured Dubz, UK)
Hijak (DMZ, UK)
MC Sgt. Pokes (Digital Mystikz, DMZ, UK)
Subsound (B-Low, Chorizo Show, Sub.FM, Barcelona / ES)
Loccomotion (CH)

Le Zoo / Usine Geneva
Doors: 23h
Entry Fee: 15.- CHF/11.- €

More Info:

05 April 2010

Dubstep Sessions @ Fri-Son


Irok >> Tonight @ Steppas Choice

BangLaBass L-Wiz

Steppas Choice 118: Irok (All out Dubstep/Sweden)
OiOi All the Steppas!
Tonite we are pleased to welcome IROK from Sweden as a guest dj in the studio! This past weekend he played BANG LA BASS! in Bienne, tonight he's going to bless us with a set on radio. Alongside Irok we'll have Zenit & Faust reppin' BassVandalizm up on decks!
So don't hesitate, log in, log on
from 9-11pm CET/GMT+1
on http://www.radioradius.ch
to the mighty Steppas Choice

Give us a sign on the shoutbox!
And tune in soon enough, we might start a bit early....

31 March 2010

L-Wiz & Irok @ Bang La Bass!

BangLaBass BW L-Wiz

Another BIG one from the Bassvandalizm Crew! Maximum Respect!

13 March 2010

Unfinished on Radio Virus


Unfinished @ Radio Virus
Yeahhh! Dubstep / Future Garage; let’s call it BASS Music is getting a massive Exposure on the governmental radio station Virus. Second week in a row! After last Week Deadbybeats Bass Massacre, Unfinished is presenting his idea of future thinking Bass Music! So you better tune in today from 19-20h CET to Rosanna’s Show “Leben für’s Weekend” by using the following link:
Radio Virus Homepage
Or for more Information about her show please visit:
Rosanna’s Blog
I can tell you I had an extremely good time with Unfinished in the Radio Studio in Zurich when he was doing his interview with Rosanna!
So make sure you log in for Unfinished’s Set and Interview between 19-20h CET. Rosanna’s Show starts earlier, at 17h CET and there is the potential of Bass Music being played in it. If you will miss the show today you can listen back to the show on Rosanna’s Blog the whole next week. And most likely you will find Unfinished's Show and Interview here on this blog as a free download!
And make sure you check it also next week from 19-20h because if I’m not wrong Kolt’ will do next weeks DJ-Stafette!

How to listen:
Visit the Radio Virus Homepage, click on the red Live Button and enjoy the Dubstep / Future Garage / Raveidge Sensation mixed by Unfinished

And please use the shout function on the Radio Virus Homepage to give shouts and a proper feedback to Rosanna!
And if you want to do me a favour please add the following to your shout:
Steppas Choice >> Switzerland’s Finest Dubstep Radio Show >> http://steppaschoice.blogspot.com/

Enjoy & Thanks

27 February 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 95


Broadcasted on the 26th of October 2009

Steppas Choice 95: Koolkat1, Zenit & C4TR
Second one on the 2009 FM Sessions and oh yes! the studio is equipped with a brand spanking new Mixer! I did a little test on it already before this show (you can read about it here:
Mr. Wrigth’s Bass Dawa) and I love it!
You can hear it, Zenit, Koolkat1 and me myself and I were enjoying the new mixer a lot… Nice inbuilt effects which you can apply on the channels or the Mic… Lovely! Well, probably I pushed it a bit; excitement was overwhelming me! Zenit and Koolkat1 were serving a solid dose of proper skankers, from Dub inflicted to proper Bass Bangers, it’s all there…
As I was listening to the show, during I wrote this, I realised that it seems that we had also some technical difficulties during this one… it seems that the stream wasn’t working properly all the time; bad news for those tuned in over the web; no problem for those we reached over the FM Frequency.
I’m always very curious when I have them boys in the studio. What will they have in there record bags? New Dubs from the Bassvandalizm Squad? New Dubs from friends of them?
In my opinion, the Radio Dadio / Bassvandalizm troops are one of the most active crews in Switzerland. They’re constantly doing excellent parties at Coupole, BNZoo or at Case a Chocs, Neuchatel; the tracks they build are getting with every single one a bit more sophisticated, better and filled with more Bass!

Bass Vandalizm!

The newest bits of Faustizm & Zenit, both solo and them lot together, become instant favourites of mine. When I spoke with Zenit, I realised that they have a lot of time to spend on producing music. And I have to say I’m a bit jealous of them but also very, extremely happy when I receive the newest track!
So please make sure you check the
Bassvandalizm Homepage and support them when ever you can!
I certainly will support them on the Steppas Choice Radio Show and when ever I have time to go to their parties, you will see me in front of the Tribute Soundsystem Speaker doing a proper skank out or near the decks either hosting or asking for a reload!
Maximum Respect to the Radio Dadio / Bassvandalizm Crew!
Big up to Zenit and Koolkat1 for supporting the show!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 95: Koolkat1, Zenit & C4TR

Essential Linkage:
Bassvandalizm Homepage
Radio Dadio Homepage

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!


26 February 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 94


Broadcasted on the 19th of October 2009

Steppas Choice 94: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Staga
For the first one on this years FM Sessions of Steppas Choice we got the one and only Selector Lloyd serving one of his reggae and dub influenced sets and trust me Selector Lloyd’s Sets are always big! This time we also had Staga on Microphone duty’s, which did kind of a cover for me…
And let me tell you I was more than happy about this… why? Well nothing new if you’re following the show on a regular base, we got technical difficulties… and bloody hell it must have happened during the FM Sessions that the Mixer kicked the bucket! Trouble started after 22 minutes… you will hear it…
Not only Selector Lloyd got frustrated, I was bloody furious! We couldn’t fix it during the show so we switch quickly to Mala’s fulminate Level 9 played over the CD Decks of the Studio. This gave us the time to replace the Mixer and created a new problem. The replacement Mixer was so out of date, I guess constructed and designed somewhere during the late seventies, early eighties and probably used by the NASA to land on the moon or at least to catapult some satellites into the orbit.
The replacement mixer was… well let’s put it that way not equipped with the features and functions that you can and would expect from a mixer that you normally find nowadays in clubs or at DJ’s home. So Selector Lloyd had quiet a bit of a struggle to fulfil his mission to serve the Bass Dawa. MC Staga took over on Mic duty’s while I was negotiating with the Radio Radius Management (Thank God the President and the Head of Technique were in the building) about the purchase of a new mixer.
You wouldn’t believe the same night they ordered a new mixer!
So that’s more or less the story behind this show…
Maximum Respect to Selector Lloyd and Staga for fighting through the struggles of this show! Big up!
Also Maximum Respect to Duplo, tuned in from over the Atlantic, to be precise from Mexico! What’s gwaaning Easy Ryder?
Big up to Dave for letting us be a part of his bathroom cleaning activities (Gosh this bathroom must have been filthy ‘cause it took him nearly the entire show to clean it)!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 94: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Staga

For more Information about the whole Mixer issue please check the following post:
Mr. Wrigth’s Bass Dawa

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Kenyan Sky

25 February 2010

Mala & the search for the perfect beat

Gilles & Mala

Another goodie for your listening pleasure! Big up to Kolt’ for hooking me up with this one! Again it’s a set from Mala, which he did for Gilles Peterson Worldwide Mix Series.

Download it here
or visit
Gilles Peterson Worldwide Homepage

1. Mala – Level 9 – Hyperdub
2. Mala – Livin’ Different – Dubplate
3. Mala – Education – Dubplate
4. Burning Spear – Door Peeper – Supreme
5. Little Roy – Hurt Not The Earth – Pressure Sounds
6. Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile – Message
7. Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint – Nonesuch
8. Quest – Smooth Skin – Dubplate
9. Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Remix) – Ugly Edits
10. Mizz Beats – My World – Deep Medi Musik

Enjoy and may the Bass be with you!