07 May 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 97

4 - 97

Broadcasted on the 9th of November 2009

Steppas Choice 97: Unfinished & C4TR
Another one with the one and only, the number one Future Garagist, Unfinished! Was extremely happy that he could make it into the last one on a proper FM Frequency! What would an FM Session be with out Unfinished and his Bass seduced Freshness?

C4TR on Intro dutty before Unfinished starts to showcase he’s newest homegrown Tunes, a massive Dose of Future Garage and the usual bass madness injection for your listening pleasure! As usual the mix is full of dubs and unreleased tunes and a true gourmet trip for your ears! Some might say there’s even some Raveidge in it! Download, drop in and find out!
Enjoy the Show!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 97: Unfinished & C4TR

Essential Linkage for this Show:
Unfinished on Soundcloud
The best Link first! Visit this page on a regular base to listen to the newest bites from Unfinished! Switzerland’s finest in Future Garage!

Unfinished / NUR Bass on Ustream
Catch Unfinished on Ustream where he’s broadcasting an on and off Show with all kinds of Bass driven Music. Highly recommended but hard to catch live! Hope you’re a lucky one and get the message when he’s doing a show on Ustream…

Bassism Records Homepage
Visit the Label that brought you Beep’s monster tune “Morning”. Also heavily supported by Unfinished and Steppas Choice

L2S Recordings Homepage
One of the leading Label for Future Garage founded and run by Whistla (Sub.FM). Not a single bad tune put out to date! Recommended by Unfinished & C4TR

Night Audio Records
Future Garage Label founded by Kingthing. Heavily supported by Unfinished!

Update! - Update! - Update!
Just recieved this over AIM from Unfinished...


Future Garage Forum
The Forum for Future Garage for all the essential Info

Unfinished on Myspace

Enjoy the Show!
Greetings and may the Bass be with you



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