17 May 2009

Upcoming Show


Steppas Choice 72
This time we gonna serve you a nice mash up of different spices and flavours of bass hefty music; from Dubstep to Asian Underground over to Breakbeats and bassy Electronica DJ Ruzann will satisfy your need for the usual Monday Night Bassline Extravaganza. Please check the times below for the live act that suits your location:

United Kingdom: 18.05.09 - 20:00hrs
Europe: 18.05.09 - 21:00hrs
India: 19.05.09 - 00:30hrs
New Zealand: 19.05.09 - 07:00hrs

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Greetings and may the Bass be with you

Check out: Distance @ Dub Ex Machina

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09 May 2009

Zenit presents The Yard

Woke up in the morning, a couple of days after my return from Kenya, went to town and saw this
Unfinished Train 1

As a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I always get very thrilled if I see something on rolling steel. The one who tried this one was quiet unlucky… hope he saw the next morning not through bars.

Two days after I took this picture I saw a next one… once again unfinished and… I think… from the same person. Once again I hope he’s still running around.
Unfinished Train 2

This is also a good occasion to point out an excellent mix brought to you by the Radio Dadio Crew Podcast. Zenit is serving a tasty set of tunes, which are inspired by the atmosphere of a yard at night. The following text is taken from the Radio Dadio Homepage. Big up Zenit and the whole Radio Dadio Gang!

Zenit - The Yard

Yo! After a short break we keep on keepin on! Here we go with Zenit - The Yard. For all those writers out there!
You know all about beeing in thee mood for the perfect mission in them trainyards. Enjoy!

The show has been aired by Insectmind Radio Show / Global Vortex Radio, Seattle US
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Peter Fox - Schwarz zu Blau
Skit / Downbeat
DJ Grand Wizard Theodore – Subway
Theme Skit / Animal
L-Ow - Lost Valley / iM Digital
Hitman - Art Of War / Mixing Rec
Benga - Middle Man / Rinse
Intex Systems - Titan (Scuba Remix) / Dubline
Mala - Miracles / Deep Medi Music
Dada & Faust - Downdeepdada Dada Version / Radio Dadio
Cab Driver Skit / The New York Album / Clack Inc 1977
Monsta - Got The Love / Promo
Mantra - No Sleep Dub / Planet Terror
Dada & Faust - The Flu / Unreleased Radio Dadio
Wolf Man - Eye Of The Demon / Kraken Recordings
Kromestar - Marz Attak / Deep Medi Music
Reso - Holograms / Pitch
Sukh Knight - Jinglist / True Tiger
Kryptic Minds - One Of Us / Swamp81
DJG - Bunker / Tube10
Second To None - Breaker Breaks Vol. 1 / Second to None

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