22 July 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 29

Another Massive One

Steppas Choice 29: Selector Lloyd & C4TR (21 July 2008)

Oh my gosh… Finally we have monitor speakers for the DJ in the Studio! Was a heavy blasting bass experience! Anyway I’m back to deliver you some proper Basslines on Monday nights.

Was again organised in the last minute but anyway I could manage to arrange something with the collector also known as Selector Lloyd.

As usual we played some tunes of local producers like Unfinished, Kid Lion & Faustizm and Third.

On the wheels of steel for the first half hour: C4TR - your Host which, lucky world, doesn’t have any ambitions to become a DJ but still like to play some of his favourite tunes at the moment. Already there the shoutbox was going wild... THX!

On the step up was Selector Lloyd. He served us some proper bass madness from old to new from dub to the step… Absolutly outstanding business! Big up Selector Lloyd!

Sound must have been pounding out the cellar and attracted some other creatures of the night. When I went to the window, which leads out to the garden, I wondered why there was light (You know the lights with the sensors which let the light flash on when something’s approaching).

As a looked out the window there was a proper cityfox sitting on the bench of the window starring at me before he disappeared into the dark. And I’m not quiet shure but I think I saw him nodding his head to the beats and vibes that were created by Mister Lloyd!

On the way home, midnight stylee, what a nasty experience, my train was stucked shortly after

Zurich. The reason was an accident on the tracks between two stations… seems like someone decided to end his life on the tracks… anyway Unknown person, may you rest in peace.

So instead of 15min it took me a bloody hour to go home to my love, which was waiting for me at a creepy trainstation in the middle of the night. Not the nicest experience for both of us, I guess. But this will not stop me from taking the train to come to do the show for your listening pleasure!

So don’t forget to tune in, next Monday, 21-23h CET, the sounds of STEPPAS CHOICE

Sincerely yours


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Massive Big up to the NXT LVL CRW: Out to Blade & Riddlah

Out to Moonshine, Subsound and the whole Subbus Crew!

Out to the One Union Gang!

Big up Mister Unfinished, Commander of the Trash!

Big up Radio Dadio: Faust, Dada, Zenit, Koolkat!

Big up Unreleased Kollektiv: Kolt’, Broods & Slass!

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Big up Idle D & Coops!

Big up all Listeners!

You make the show lively!