27 February 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 95


Broadcasted on the 26th of October 2009

Steppas Choice 95: Koolkat1, Zenit & C4TR
Second one on the 2009 FM Sessions and oh yes! the studio is equipped with a brand spanking new Mixer! I did a little test on it already before this show (you can read about it here:
Mr. Wrigth’s Bass Dawa) and I love it!
You can hear it, Zenit, Koolkat1 and me myself and I were enjoying the new mixer a lot… Nice inbuilt effects which you can apply on the channels or the Mic… Lovely! Well, probably I pushed it a bit; excitement was overwhelming me! Zenit and Koolkat1 were serving a solid dose of proper skankers, from Dub inflicted to proper Bass Bangers, it’s all there…
As I was listening to the show, during I wrote this, I realised that it seems that we had also some technical difficulties during this one… it seems that the stream wasn’t working properly all the time; bad news for those tuned in over the web; no problem for those we reached over the FM Frequency.
I’m always very curious when I have them boys in the studio. What will they have in there record bags? New Dubs from the Bassvandalizm Squad? New Dubs from friends of them?
In my opinion, the Radio Dadio / Bassvandalizm troops are one of the most active crews in Switzerland. They’re constantly doing excellent parties at Coupole, BNZoo or at Case a Chocs, Neuchatel; the tracks they build are getting with every single one a bit more sophisticated, better and filled with more Bass!

Bass Vandalizm!

The newest bits of Faustizm & Zenit, both solo and them lot together, become instant favourites of mine. When I spoke with Zenit, I realised that they have a lot of time to spend on producing music. And I have to say I’m a bit jealous of them but also very, extremely happy when I receive the newest track!
So please make sure you check the
Bassvandalizm Homepage and support them when ever you can!
I certainly will support them on the Steppas Choice Radio Show and when ever I have time to go to their parties, you will see me in front of the Tribute Soundsystem Speaker doing a proper skank out or near the decks either hosting or asking for a reload!
Maximum Respect to the Radio Dadio / Bassvandalizm Crew!
Big up to Zenit and Koolkat1 for supporting the show!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 95: Koolkat1, Zenit & C4TR

Essential Linkage:
Bassvandalizm Homepage
Radio Dadio Homepage

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!


26 February 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 94


Broadcasted on the 19th of October 2009

Steppas Choice 94: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Staga
For the first one on this years FM Sessions of Steppas Choice we got the one and only Selector Lloyd serving one of his reggae and dub influenced sets and trust me Selector Lloyd’s Sets are always big! This time we also had Staga on Microphone duty’s, which did kind of a cover for me…
And let me tell you I was more than happy about this… why? Well nothing new if you’re following the show on a regular base, we got technical difficulties… and bloody hell it must have happened during the FM Sessions that the Mixer kicked the bucket! Trouble started after 22 minutes… you will hear it…
Not only Selector Lloyd got frustrated, I was bloody furious! We couldn’t fix it during the show so we switch quickly to Mala’s fulminate Level 9 played over the CD Decks of the Studio. This gave us the time to replace the Mixer and created a new problem. The replacement Mixer was so out of date, I guess constructed and designed somewhere during the late seventies, early eighties and probably used by the NASA to land on the moon or at least to catapult some satellites into the orbit.
The replacement mixer was… well let’s put it that way not equipped with the features and functions that you can and would expect from a mixer that you normally find nowadays in clubs or at DJ’s home. So Selector Lloyd had quiet a bit of a struggle to fulfil his mission to serve the Bass Dawa. MC Staga took over on Mic duty’s while I was negotiating with the Radio Radius Management (Thank God the President and the Head of Technique were in the building) about the purchase of a new mixer.
You wouldn’t believe the same night they ordered a new mixer!
So that’s more or less the story behind this show…
Maximum Respect to Selector Lloyd and Staga for fighting through the struggles of this show! Big up!
Also Maximum Respect to Duplo, tuned in from over the Atlantic, to be precise from Mexico! What’s gwaaning Easy Ryder?
Big up to Dave for letting us be a part of his bathroom cleaning activities (Gosh this bathroom must have been filthy ‘cause it took him nearly the entire show to clean it)!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 94: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Staga

For more Information about the whole Mixer issue please check the following post:
Mr. Wrigth’s Bass Dawa

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Kenyan Sky

25 February 2010

Mala & the search for the perfect beat

Gilles & Mala

Another goodie for your listening pleasure! Big up to Kolt’ for hooking me up with this one! Again it’s a set from Mala, which he did for Gilles Peterson Worldwide Mix Series.

Download it here
or visit
Gilles Peterson Worldwide Homepage

1. Mala – Level 9 – Hyperdub
2. Mala – Livin’ Different – Dubplate
3. Mala – Education – Dubplate
4. Burning Spear – Door Peeper – Supreme
5. Little Roy – Hurt Not The Earth – Pressure Sounds
6. Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile – Message
7. Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint – Nonesuch
8. Quest – Smooth Skin – Dubplate
9. Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Remix) – Ugly Edits
10. Mizz Beats – My World – Deep Medi Musik

Enjoy and may the Bass be with you!

23 February 2010

Moody Mascott


I simply can’t resist… I have to post this
One of my favourites musicians alive is showcasing his remarkable triangle skills next Saturday, the 27th of February in Bern at the Jazzwerkstatt…
The man, the icon, the master of trianglism, leader of the secret society of trianglism in secrecies (SSTS) non other than legendary MOODY MASCOTT will grace the stage with one of his rare solo showcases…
So don’t miss it it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity
… and bloody hell I will sit in a plane heading back from Nairobi and miss it
Anyway here comes the press text:

moody macott ist ein ausnahmetriangelist sonder gleichen. während der therapie seiner anabolikasucht entdeckte der gebürtige dubliner das dreieckige instrument für sich. als klar wurde, dass ihn nicht nur leidenschaft, sondern auch talent mit diesem instrument verband, beschloss moody mascott an der dublin school of music den triangel zu meistern. 10 jahre intensiver arbeit waren nötig um den weltbekannten triangelisten hervorzubringen, den wir heute als moody mascott kennen. moody mascott hat die strömungen des postmodernen und posthumanen triangelismus begründet, mit der gruppe 'moody & the triangels' schrieb er popgeschichte, im duett mit max metall (einem weiteren triangelisten der ssts) schuf er bewegende zeitgenössische ernste musik.

bei der jazzwerkstatt, am 27.2.2010, haben wir nun die grosse freude einen der raren moody mascott solo-auftritte ankünden zu dürfen. begleiten werden den schönen triangelisten seine kollegen von 'kommando trash' - flat frederik und tastenhans - sowie weitere gastmusiker, denen mascott in seiner langjährigen karriere begegnet ist, und die zu dieser gelegenheit sein immenses talent mit den ihren unterstützen werden.

For further visit
the Jazzwerkstatt Homepage

Greetings out of Africa

22 February 2010



Some goodie for the readers of my blog… Found it on the web a couple of weeks ago… there is hope! Mala on full fire in full effect! Absolutly big!

Download it here:
Mala in the KISS FM Special “The chosen few”


Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

21 February 2010

Check out: La Grande Bumm Vol. 10 @ Südpol, Luzern

La Grande Bumm Vol.10

La Grande Bumm - Volume 10

Grosse Halle:

Jason Forrest aka DJ Donna Summer (DE | cock rock disco, Star6, Nightshifters)
DJ Elephant Power (BEL | sonig)
Shares (CH | Hula Honeys)
Albert Laserbeak vs. Benjamin Bongo (CH | tek.now!)
Schnauz vs Phucking Happyend (CH | Korsett)
Mistamista (CH | Korsett)


Paul Frick (DE | Kalk Pets, THE GYM)
Aulay Fou (CH | Göndmolchliab, blablabla)
CnD (CH | Korsett)
Martin Meier (CH | Korsett, Göndmolchliab)
Lu-K (CH | Göndmolchliab, Libido Clubbing)

Suffix Visuals (CH | korsett, videokultur)

Doors: 21.00 Uhr
Eintritt: CHF 25.-

20 February 2010

London Pirate Radio Culture

The only Pirate Radio Station in Switzerland that I know something about, is not existing as a Pirate anymore…
Now it’s a (tick the suitable, for you; JA! You can tick more than one):

 private radio station,
 company owened radio station,
 kiss my ass radio station,
 mainstream fabric softener crap playing radio station,
 a radio that I would not listen to out of free will.

But in the pirate days and through them they achieved quiet something and they were rather hardcore… you don’t think so?
They broadcasted with the strongest VHF radio transmitter available in the world from Pizzo Groppera in Italy 130km straight to anyone’s living room in Zurich and probably all the way there. The actual Radio Studio was located in a detached house in Cernobbio. The pirate days end in 1983 after 4 years and several police busts. They achieved with their pirate Activities that there’s more than just the governmental radio stations and that a market for Private Radio was established.
But some questions are still to be answered…
Was the music they played as forward thinking, intense and fresh as I wish a radio would play?
Do they really achieved something, considering the fact that the private radios existing play the same tunes in their A & B-Lists and are overall by 95% pure trash?

not the positive Kommando Trash Trash (Big up the Trash) more like highly dangerous for ears and taste buds nuclear waste trash

Why is the governmental radio still leading and way more innovative than all the private ones together?

Radio Virus from the governmental group DRS, broadcasted a Dubstep Session with DJinn up on decks four weeks or so ago; you could hear Burial on DRS 3 (Sounds) when his albums were released; and yes they also play crap, but not 15 times the same song a day, everyday… and then there are this lovely local radio station and I guess only Zurich got a real weak one…

And why aren’t there more free frequencies?

And... yes there are the internet Radios…
…and Steppas Choice
But still I wouldn’t mind to do it on FM



19 February 2010

Check out: Simmer Down Vol. 2 @ Exile Club / Zurich

Simmer Down 2 Front
Simmer Down 2 Back

Somet'ing diffrent... Roots Music... go there fi a proper up lift'ing skank!

15 February 2010

Unfinished presents Bumpy Flex for 2010

Bumpy Flex for 2010

Broadcasted on the 15th of February

Steppas Choice 111: DJ T & Unfinished present Garage Flex
In case you prefer Unfinished’s Mix with out Intro and my blabla…

Download it here:
DJ Unfinished – Bumpy Flex for 2010

Big up Unfinished! I love it! Keep on pushing the borders!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

DJ T presents UK Garage 2001

DJ T - UK Garage 2001 Mix

Broadcasted on the 15th of February

Steppas Choice 111: DJ T & Unfinished present Garage Flex
In case you prefer DJ T’s Mix with out Intro and my blabla…

Download it here:
DJ T – UK Garage 2001 Mix

Out to DJ T on this one! You’re a badboy still spinning this flavours! Maximum Respect!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 111

SC 111

Broadcasted on the 15th of February

Steppas Choice 111: DJ T & Unfinished present Garage Flex
Just in case it doesn’t work out with streaming you can download today’s show here:

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 111: DJ T & Unfinished present Garage Flex

First up is DJ T who was Djing in the UK Garage / 2Step Days and is kind a bedroom DJ with a tasty selection of the whole UK Garage Phase. Here he’s serving a sweet and saucy 2001 UK Garage Mix. Cheesy!

Second Part DJ Unfinished is taking over and showcasing the Sounds of Future Garage and trust me this one is a hot ride! This one full of straight forward bangers! Tasty!

Big up to DJ T & Unfinished!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

12 February 2010



DJ Youngsta & Toast feat. Kryptic Minds

Tuned into Rinse.FM last night, sadly not on time to catch the beginning, but earlier than Toast arrived in the studio…
You might know that I’m really into Youngsta’s Show, 'cause they're always full of great deep, dark tunes that make me meditate on the Bass Weight.
And this one is like heaven for me. One of the best DJ’s (if it comes to mixing skills and technical mixing probably the best) up on decks spinning the newest bits from my favourite producers at the moment, Kryptic Minds! Do I need to say more?
The Mix is full of unreleased treasures from the vault of Youngsta and Kryptic Minds plus there are some brand spanking new ones that were never played to an audience before. At the end there is also a little interview with Kryptic Minds (after "the first time this tune is played" tunes) and suddenly the future looks a bit brighter!
Download it, listen it and tell a friend to tell a friend!

Youngsta, Toast & Kryptic Minds on Rinse.FM (11.02.2010)

Largin’ up Youngsta & Toast! For me one of the best shows on Rinse.FM!
Maximum Respect to Kryptic Minds – Masters of the Half Step and Producers of the best Album 2009!

Check the
Rinse.FM Podcast for the whole show!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

03 February 2010

Check out: KODE9 @ Dub Ex Machina / Club Cabaret / Zürich


Do I really need to say more...???
Better be there!

02 February 2010

Skepta & Plastician

I know the tune is quiet old but still i'm like ohhh my gosh! What a proper banger! Largin' up Plastician on this one! Skepta on the vocal dutty and just rocking it grimey! Watch it!
Out to Maneki Neko!

01 February 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 93


Broadcasted on the 12th of October 2009

Steppas Choice 93: C4TR in the hot seat
C4TR back from Africa, back on Web Waves, C4TR back and right away in the hot seat, you know what that means: Good Bass Dawa played by me, myself & I!
and… don’t be disappointed, I’m still just a bass lover but still not a DJ!
Also another show dealing with technical difficulties… usual Monday Night Business… system crash after like an hour and the microphone is awfully loud sometimes… plus I’m completely messing with the levels…
So nuff said, here’s your needed Bass Dawa straight from your witchbass daktari C4TR.
Big up all the Listeners & Supporters!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice93: C4TR in the hot seat – Part 1
Steppas Choice93: C4TR in the hot seat – Part 2

As usual my hot seat sessions are pure live and learn events and I really like to do them from time to time. And the feedback is always good!
Thank you!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!