26 February 2010

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 94


Broadcasted on the 19th of October 2009

Steppas Choice 94: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Staga
For the first one on this years FM Sessions of Steppas Choice we got the one and only Selector Lloyd serving one of his reggae and dub influenced sets and trust me Selector Lloyd’s Sets are always big! This time we also had Staga on Microphone duty’s, which did kind of a cover for me…
And let me tell you I was more than happy about this… why? Well nothing new if you’re following the show on a regular base, we got technical difficulties… and bloody hell it must have happened during the FM Sessions that the Mixer kicked the bucket! Trouble started after 22 minutes… you will hear it…
Not only Selector Lloyd got frustrated, I was bloody furious! We couldn’t fix it during the show so we switch quickly to Mala’s fulminate Level 9 played over the CD Decks of the Studio. This gave us the time to replace the Mixer and created a new problem. The replacement Mixer was so out of date, I guess constructed and designed somewhere during the late seventies, early eighties and probably used by the NASA to land on the moon or at least to catapult some satellites into the orbit.
The replacement mixer was… well let’s put it that way not equipped with the features and functions that you can and would expect from a mixer that you normally find nowadays in clubs or at DJ’s home. So Selector Lloyd had quiet a bit of a struggle to fulfil his mission to serve the Bass Dawa. MC Staga took over on Mic duty’s while I was negotiating with the Radio Radius Management (Thank God the President and the Head of Technique were in the building) about the purchase of a new mixer.
You wouldn’t believe the same night they ordered a new mixer!
So that’s more or less the story behind this show…
Maximum Respect to Selector Lloyd and Staga for fighting through the struggles of this show! Big up!
Also Maximum Respect to Duplo, tuned in from over the Atlantic, to be precise from Mexico! What’s gwaaning Easy Ryder?
Big up to Dave for letting us be a part of his bathroom cleaning activities (Gosh this bathroom must have been filthy ‘cause it took him nearly the entire show to clean it)!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 94: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Staga

For more Information about the whole Mixer issue please check the following post:
Mr. Wrigth’s Bass Dawa

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Kenyan Sky


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