24 September 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 75

SC 75 1

Broadcasted on the 8th of June

Steppas Choice 75: C4TR in the hot Seat

I'm not gonna loose much words about this one...
All I'm gonna say is the following:
My Favourite Tunes at that Moment plus a not so crafty DJ equals C4TR in the hot Seat

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 75: C4TR in the hot seat

Essential Linkage for this Show:
If you’re reading this you’re already on the essential website for this show…
I could also mention my MySpace Site (
www.myspace.com/c4tr… ahhhh just did it) but because I’m not that often on it anymore it is not as important as the most essential page for a Dubstep Radio Show outta Switzerland: www.steppaschoice.blogspot.com!

Greetings, Bless up and may the Bass be with you!

SC 75 2

22 September 2009

Something about 60Hertz

The guys from the Korsett Kollektiv are pushing things FWD with their new monthly Dubstep Event at the Gewerbehalle in Luzern.
To give you an idea about what they are doing I'm going to quote their Press Text here... for all other information and some exclusive Mixes recorded at one of the mentioned Party visit When Physics meets Club Culture by hitting this link: http://whenphysicsmeetsclubculture.blogspot.com/

60 Hz - when physics meets clubculture!

HERTZ - die Masseinheit für ein periodisch oder zyklisch auftretendes Phänomen wie beispielsweise eine Schallwelle - Definiert durch die Anzahl von Schwingungen pro Sekunde.

60 HERTZ - Dubstep und Bass-Driven Music, verabreicht von Deadbybeats, den Hood Regulators und nationalen Guest-Acts! 60 Hz steht symbolisch für drückende Basslines, wobbelnde Synthesizer, pumpende Beats und percussive Bassfrequenzen. 60 Hz lässt die Wände erzittern und führt dazu, dass du die Musik nicht nur hörst sondern am ganzen Körper wahrnimmst. 60 Hz - When Physics meet Clubculture!

and don't forget to check out www.elektro-lux.net/ktv // this is an event simply for artsyfartsy video-clips
made and organised by the mighty korsett-visuals-gang, also every last thursday inna di month @ same location as 60 Hertz.

stay tuned!!!


20 September 2009

I like it...

Got this link from Zenit and I completely agree with what he wrote to me. So I’m just going to quote him…
“Cheesy lyrics but huge beat!”
I’m gonna add the following: I also like the Bass!
What do you think? Let me know and leave a comment!

Check out: 60 Hertz


This time
Unfinished & Deadbybeats gonna unleash the low down spanking bass!

For more Information visit
the Korsett Kollektiv Site or the Gewerbehalle Luzern Homepage

Check out: Bass Vandalizm 5

Bass Vandalizm 5

For more Information visit
Radio Dadio Website or Case à Chocs Homepage

Maximum Respect to the whole NXT LVL CRW, the entire Radio Dadio Gang and the migthy Tribute Soundsystem!

19 September 2009

Don't miss this...

Make sure you're not missing this...
The guys at
Fact Magazine put awesome mixes up on their page and this on a regularly base.
This one here from El-B I just want to highlite for you...
If you didn't switch to Fact Magazine after reading "EL-B" I can't help you...
Maximum Respect to EL-B and everyone at
Fact Magazine