11 December 2011

Dubstep Upfront Sound with Author, V.I.V.E.K & Unknown Identity @ Dubstep Upfront Sound / LeZoo, Geneva

Dubstep upfront Sound Dec. 2011

Dubstep Upfront Sound

Author (Tectonic / UK) >> Live
Jack Sparrow (Tectonic / UK) B2B Ruckspin (Ranking Records / UK)
V.I.V.E.K. (Deep Medi Musik / UK)
Unknown Identity hosted by MC TKC (Dubsludge / CH)

Date: 17.12.2011
Doors: 23:00 CET
Entry Fee: 8 CHF before Midnight / 12 CHF before 02:00 / 15 CHF after 02:00

More Info here:

22 September 2011

The Shut Down


What shall I say:
Looks really shitty at the moment with the show on Radio Radius. Might not be able to do any show in the near future... why you ask?
Welll here's a quick breakdown:
There were some riots going on in Zurich. First one was kinda demonstration for more free space for the youth and parties, that aren't completely focused on commercial success. As soon as some drunks climbed one of the little shelters @ Bellevue, the whole situation skipped. Riots started...
Following weekend, same scene different place; although this time it was an accumulation of three independent events...
Friday Night: An illegal Event started as a Dance Party / Demonstration resulted in an outburst of mindless violence...
Saturday Afternoon: Some Christian Conservatives protested against the right for abortion, while some more or less radicalized leftist tried to interrupt them... also ended in troubles with the Police
Saturday Night: Some imitators with no message whatsoever took over the streets and had some fights with the Police... mindless destruction

I'm not against a reasonable protest, not at all, but as soon as there is violence involved, I don't want to have something to do with it and find it unacceptable.

But now what has that to do with Steppas Choice?
Well with the show actually nothing...
But with this "Shoot the messenger" alike situation:
The Police don't know how exactly this demonstrations were organized, most likely by SMS and Social Networks... and it seems like someone or some people misused the shout box to call out for this events... and all of that with the moniker "studio crew"
As you might know I use "Steppas Choice Studio Crew" in the (too) easy accessible shout box and I know that we're not aloud to say illegal, racist, discriminating or something alike on the radio.... but I remember, that I saw messages on the shout box written with a official looking moniker like STAPO or alike saying that's illegal to call out for illegal events... but I never saw an actually call out for one of this events...

The moniker issue.... we'll if you have used the shout box you know that you can pick any moniker and I mean any....

So last Monday (19.9.2011) the Police informed the FIT (ETH) which runs the Radio Radius about this and as an immediate reaction they shut down the shout box...
and by now you can't even reach the webpage....

So what is happening?
Well that's the past... I'm waiting now for any updates from the management.... I still don't really know..

I will keep you updated...

Bass Bless'


Upcoming Transmissions

Due to a Law Issue (???) there will be no Shows in near future... we keep you updated.....

26. September >> Steppas Choice 195: Probably no Show

3. October >> Steppas Choice 196: Most likely still no Show...

10. October >> Steppas Choice 197: Well, this one cancelled since a long time... it might be possible to stream but I won't make it

17. October >> Steppas Choice 198: Another one cancelled 'cause I still won't make it - so far far away

24. October >> Steppas Choice 199: It would be about time to be up and running again - let's see what the future will bring...

31. October >> Steppas Choice 200: Do I need to say more?

19 September 2011

Steppas Choice in Exile

Dear Steppas & Bass Lovers

Since we had an unpleasant visit this morning by the police and the management of the FIT (ETH) we won't be able to do a show tonight....
But no worries! You will get your fair share of Bass!
I proudly announce

Steppas Choice in Exile

feat. Riparian (Bassism Records / San Francisco) & Great Project (Nur Bern)

The Show starts as usual, 21-23h, and Chances for a overtime are pretty good too!
so make sure you log in to
Get ready for a different BASS Boogie!

Bless' C4TR

01 September 2011

09 August 2011

LDN Riots

London hasn't seen something like this since the Blitz - and that was horrific

More Info on BBC News or Indy Media London
No Comment... just sad and worried... there is no justification what so ever for what happend.. and don't tell me one of the following justifies it:
- Cut in the Social Service while saving big banks with governmental money; if so they completely missed there target; there's no need to destroy your own neighborhood, visit the financial district
- Quiet funny, liven' of social help, in social housing, with sneakers for hundred pounds and even more expensive trainers, organized through a blackberry or an iPhone going to loot out of poverty? I would say they are just bored, segregated from the society by a policy that is mainly serving the upperclass and closing down community and youth centers, etc... don't even get started with the British School System

I know this is very simple explanation and the problem is a multilayer one, but come on boys if half of it is true what you can hear and see on Telly (BBC / SKY News), then they went over the top.
And it will get worse, more Repression and no Goodwill from no where any more, Curfew and Army Water Cannons plus rubber bullets on the horizon... Good Luck LDN!

21 July 2011

The Big Party Bust

the Big Party Bust

20min Web
Click on the Image for a bigger view

Medienmitteilungen Stadtpolizei Zürich

«Der Polizeieinsatz hat uns Angst gemacht»
147 Comments on that...!?!?!?

No Comment on this!

18 July 2011

Steppas Choice 170: Chezz & C4TR

Steppas Choice 170: Chezz & C4TR
Broadcasted on the 4th of April 2011

Out of the Dust of a new Generation of BASS Heads, on a mission to push different strains of Dubstep / Bass Music, a man like Chezz emerged and came to showcase what he calls proper spanking Bass Madness: Deep'n'Dark morphing Basslines with sophisticated Swung out riddims. Chezz part of the Dubsludge Collective appeared at least for me with the launch of the Swiss Dubstep Forum.
As you might know my plan was always to support each and everyone who's active and pushing the sound. So it was clear that I hooked him up and offered him to come and play! So without further explanation,
Enjoy the Show!

Grab the Mix here:
Steppas Choice 170: Chezz & C4TR (04.04.2011)

Essential Linkage: www.getfilthy.ch

Interview Chezz

Bass Bless'

Creating A Buzz

Wiley whoo kid

Wiley & DJ Whoo Kid Mixtape!
Big up Fact Mag Gang
Grab it here

10 June 2011

Kolt' in the Interview

Kolt Interview WEb
Click on the Picture for a better view

21 May 2011

Steppas Choice 169: DJ Taiken

Steppas Choice 169: DJ Taiken & C4TR
Broadcasted on the 28th of March

It’s a pleasure to welcome a new breed in the show; second one this year after Big MD. And it’s even a bigger pleasure to me because he’s hailing from my origins the east of Switzerland. DJ Taiken, representing UphillProjects and hailing from St. Gallen came over to presents us what he calls Dubstep. I can tell you it was serious bass!
He was also the first to experience the new interview form that I set up and which every DJ is requested to fill out! Just thought would be nice to know where they come from, what the feel and foremost the ultimate question:

What is this thing called Dubstep in their opinion?

And since this is the reason to exist for Steppas Choice I stay curious, curious in what Bass will bring next? Progression / Evolution / Mutation?

Here comes Taiken’s Explanation in Interview form and as podcast!
Enjoy the experience!

Interview Taiken Web

Click here for a bigger picture

Essential Linkage:

Check Dj Taiken Live @ Steppas Choice on the 20th of June

Bass bless'

Step In Dub - Round 4 @ Mundwerk / Zürich


Shackleton @ Bad Bonn Kilbi

Shackleton @ Bad Bonn Kilbi

20 May 2011

Keep It Grimey!!!

Stumbled over that on one of my rare visits on youtube... Raw Energie!

Tief*Druck: DubDave (DubSludge) vs. Bassvandalizm vs. Blazin'Dubs @ Denk:Mal / Bern

Line up:
Dubdave (Dubsludge) vs. Bassvandalizm vs. Blazin Dubz

Denk:mal Bern
Doors: 23h

Sound Policy:
Deep Bass Music! Guaranteed Aggrowobblefree!


Butterz Trinity: Swindle, Elijah & Skilliam @ Nordstern / Basel

Butterz Gang is coming to Switzerland!
Don't miss this: The very best in Grime!

Line Up:
Elijah & Skilliam

Goldfinger Brothers
Sick Girls

Doors: 23h-7 in the morning

More Info:

Big Up Elijah & Skilliam and the Butterz Famo!
Keep it grimey

Roska @ Club Bonsoir / Bern


Darkstar @ Bad Bonn Kilbi

Darkstar @ Bad Bonn Kilbi

17 May 2011

Phrex Dubplate

This one absolutely stunning! Can't stress it enough: BIG TUNEZ coming from dem Bwoy! Check this out on a regular base: http://soundcloud.com/phrex
Enjoy and Bass Bless'

Catch dem Boys this saturday clashing:
DubDave (Dubsludge) vs. Bassvandalizm vs. Blazin' Dubs
>> Big System ina Small Room >>
>> Tief*Druck @ Denk:Mal [Stauffacherstr. 82]/ Bern >>
>> Doors: 23h

02 May 2011

Steppas Choice 168: C4TR in the hot seat

Broadcasted on the 21st of March 2011

Actually it was planned to have a man called Zenit in the show alongside his partner in Dub Faustizm but…
I got a call from Zenit around lunchtime where he announced that he won’t make it to play his bass heavy tunes in the show due to a problem with the city council of Bienne. The problem was that the city council planned to destroy the place were Zenit and Faustizm had their creative laboratories probably to build a shopping centre or business house or something of sort, which will bring more money (and less fame than having two brilliant ARTists which enrich the city with cultural goods). It seems like the old battle between Economics (equals Money Making) and Art (you know… this thing that really makes us human) reached one of the street art strongholds in Switzerland (at least that was always my impression while being in Bienne). So Faustizm and Zenit occupied with an emergency meeting to discuss the future of their creative facility and what to do about the plans of the city council I was on my own to do this show…
So there is another one with C4TR in the hot seat – proper bass madness as usual!

Essential Linkage:

29 April 2011

Steppas Choice 166: Elusive Bastard & C4TR

JR presents Simon/Off

Steppas Choice 166: Elusive Bastard & C4TR
Broadcasted on the 7th of March 2011

A farewell to an Elusive Bastard.
Oh Bwoy where should I start…
I met Svenski one Thursday Night, if I’m not completely wrong something like five to six years ago for one of the legendary Jungle Rocket Drum’n’Bass Shows. I was so thrilled to be on a Radio Show, broadcasting the music I liked, and still like, to a wider mass of fellow Jungleists, that I told Svenski that I would return two weeks later for the next show. Svenski was in for it and that was the start of my radio days and the beginning of a deep musically friendship. Svenski, always motivated to discover and on the look out for new bass music, was also the one who brought in the genre this blog is nearly all about: Dubstep. After running Jungle Rocket together with Svenski for quiet a while, increasing it’s popularity, organising every now and then a meeting of Bass Junkies at various BPM’s, conquering FM Radio in Zurich with the Jungle Rocket Invasion at Lora and sinking don’t know how many gallons of beer, I left the Jungle Rocket Radio Show to do Steppas Choice. That didn’t end our friendship. Svenski was still running Jungle Rocket Radio Show and it was only a question of time until he showed up in one of the Steppas Choice Shows. The reason for that was of course the highly infectious effect of Bass, which is omnipresent in Dubstep. So when Svenski showed up to serve the Bass Madness he didn’t only bring an excellent selection of bass driven, swung out tunes he also came along with a new name: Elusive Bastard. Under this moniker he came to grace the show several times, either as a DJ or as a fellow friend in Bass. I was always pleased to have him in the show because it always had this surprisingly moment init. ELU was one of the first to play the funky strain of UK Bass Music and he was also strongly connected to new breads of the Bass Music strain.
So this show sums up the essence of ELU, although this is nearly impossible considering that man’s knowledge and collection of absolutely hideous smashers.
So to end this farewell to an Elusive Bastard I just want to say the following:
Thank you Sven for everything, for the chitchats, the pointing out of new exciting music, for the cover shows, all the adventures in bass and last but not least for your friendship!
Sven, Svenski, Elusive Bastard, ELU: I wish you all the best for your future and may your dreams become true!
Bass bless’

C4TR aka Casper

PS: Give as a proof of life from time to time and don’t forget to send me the picture of you wearing one of this lumberjack shirts, which was actually the reason for you to go over to the maple leaf country!

08 April 2011

Ekoplekz & Mensah @ Bangladesh Temple / Coupole / Bienne

Temple of Bass

Line Up:

Ekoplekz (Live)
(Punch Drunk/Mordant Music/Bristol, UK)

(Hench/LoDubs/Punch Drunk/Bristol, UK)

Handless DJ
(High Needs Low/This is Space/ Brussels, B)

Raphallus, Faust & Zenit

+ More TBA

Bangladesh Temple
15. April 2011
Coupole Bienne
ADM: 15.-
Doors: 22:00