02 May 2011

Steppas Choice 168: C4TR in the hot seat

Broadcasted on the 21st of March 2011

Actually it was planned to have a man called Zenit in the show alongside his partner in Dub Faustizm but…
I got a call from Zenit around lunchtime where he announced that he won’t make it to play his bass heavy tunes in the show due to a problem with the city council of Bienne. The problem was that the city council planned to destroy the place were Zenit and Faustizm had their creative laboratories probably to build a shopping centre or business house or something of sort, which will bring more money (and less fame than having two brilliant ARTists which enrich the city with cultural goods). It seems like the old battle between Economics (equals Money Making) and Art (you know… this thing that really makes us human) reached one of the street art strongholds in Switzerland (at least that was always my impression while being in Bienne). So Faustizm and Zenit occupied with an emergency meeting to discuss the future of their creative facility and what to do about the plans of the city council I was on my own to do this show…
So there is another one with C4TR in the hot seat – proper bass madness as usual!

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