29 April 2011

Steppas Choice 166: Elusive Bastard & C4TR

JR presents Simon/Off

Steppas Choice 166: Elusive Bastard & C4TR
Broadcasted on the 7th of March 2011

A farewell to an Elusive Bastard.
Oh Bwoy where should I start…
I met Svenski one Thursday Night, if I’m not completely wrong something like five to six years ago for one of the legendary Jungle Rocket Drum’n’Bass Shows. I was so thrilled to be on a Radio Show, broadcasting the music I liked, and still like, to a wider mass of fellow Jungleists, that I told Svenski that I would return two weeks later for the next show. Svenski was in for it and that was the start of my radio days and the beginning of a deep musically friendship. Svenski, always motivated to discover and on the look out for new bass music, was also the one who brought in the genre this blog is nearly all about: Dubstep. After running Jungle Rocket together with Svenski for quiet a while, increasing it’s popularity, organising every now and then a meeting of Bass Junkies at various BPM’s, conquering FM Radio in Zurich with the Jungle Rocket Invasion at Lora and sinking don’t know how many gallons of beer, I left the Jungle Rocket Radio Show to do Steppas Choice. That didn’t end our friendship. Svenski was still running Jungle Rocket Radio Show and it was only a question of time until he showed up in one of the Steppas Choice Shows. The reason for that was of course the highly infectious effect of Bass, which is omnipresent in Dubstep. So when Svenski showed up to serve the Bass Madness he didn’t only bring an excellent selection of bass driven, swung out tunes he also came along with a new name: Elusive Bastard. Under this moniker he came to grace the show several times, either as a DJ or as a fellow friend in Bass. I was always pleased to have him in the show because it always had this surprisingly moment init. ELU was one of the first to play the funky strain of UK Bass Music and he was also strongly connected to new breads of the Bass Music strain.
So this show sums up the essence of ELU, although this is nearly impossible considering that man’s knowledge and collection of absolutely hideous smashers.
So to end this farewell to an Elusive Bastard I just want to say the following:
Thank you Sven for everything, for the chitchats, the pointing out of new exciting music, for the cover shows, all the adventures in bass and last but not least for your friendship!
Sven, Svenski, Elusive Bastard, ELU: I wish you all the best for your future and may your dreams become true!
Bass bless’

C4TR aka Casper

PS: Give as a proof of life from time to time and don’t forget to send me the picture of you wearing one of this lumberjack shirts, which was actually the reason for you to go over to the maple leaf country!


svenski said...

I am speechless... :')

Let me tell the story from my point of view:
I had been running Jungle Rocket Radio for quite some time, trying to invite the Zurich D&B / Jungle scene for live sets, when one Thursday, along with the Task Horizon guys (I think??) C4TR came to the studio. This guy - as was easily to be seen - catches fire very quickly. A few shows later I was already at the brink of being kicked out of my own show!! C4 had taken over! What followed was an extremly good and prolific phase; both of us trying to bring new people and new sounds into the studio. It was certainly a plus, that our characteristics are fundamentally different: C4 the loud, talkative guy, never declining a drink or a puff, always on the move, always rotating in the top gears back in those days. Me rather the quiet guy, straight edge when it comes to drugs, only occasionally sipping a beer. All the while, a strong common basis was given: both of us studying (or just finished), somewhat comparable personal background and - most of all - the same HUNTER INSTINCT for new music, the BEFORE UNHEARD!
C4 went on to dedicate himself purly to the dubstep scene, which I belive really really helped building up a scene in Switzerland. I was always surprised, that C4 not only had a knack for good music, but also a good feeling for its graphical representation. Soon his signs, pics, animations were seemingly everywhere on the web, giving the new sound a graphical identification.
By now, C4 and his Steppas Choice have become a brand. Who can honestly avert a smile when he announces a "brand-spanking new" record? Or "the usual Monday night madness"? Or a new name "behind the ones and twos"? Not me.:D

You have described the rest of the story so well, I will not add anything. Only this, and I want everybody to know this: this guy, C4, has his heart in the right place! I am very happy we have met.
It was sad you missed the goodbye party - I would have been very happy to have you hosting it (the flyer is by him, C4!!!). But so what.... one evening, one night, so short - it's not worth regretting it. Nights and days come and go - but friendship stays. I hope to see you again in the future! Keep it up! And come over for the moose hunt one day.

Svenski / Elusive

(and btw: IT'S A LOT! hahaha)

svenski said...

ahh, and don't forget: I was the first one - and I strongly believe the last one! - to play a Heavy Metal set in your show. Thank god you were distracted in a discussion with some guy that day, so I could nail some good old Thrash Metal tunes. God, I can still ROFL when I think about your face when suddenly you became aware of it and stormed into the studio!!!!! hahahaha never seen you so angry and disappointed! :DDDDDDD

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