04 December 2008

News: Technical Difficulties: Problems more or less solved


Dear Steppas

Finally! Good News for all my Steppas! Just received an e-mail from the Radio Radius Management. They had good news for all you Steppas:
1. It should be possible to do Live Shows again!
2. Finally the Monitors for the DJ are back!

So we’re ready again to serve you the Bass Madness on Monday Night! Here's already a short preview for the upcoming Shows:

8th of December: Selector Lloyd & C4TR
15th of December: To be announced…
22nd of December: SPECIAL GUEST - Better tune in for this one!
29th of December: DJ Unfinished & C4TR presenting The Dubplate Pressure Show

More to read soon right here!

By the way the Radio lost ALL Data… So all recorded Shows are lost, all Music Files, everything!!! Wish them Good Luck on the “Safe and Restore the Data Mission”!
I’m gonna use these occasion to give David Flatz, the Master Genius of Technical Wizardries at Radio Radius a maximum BIG UP for his dedication and time to fix that Problem with the Computer System! It’s highly appreciated! Maximum Respect to you, David!

By the way the Note further down is the official Statement of the Radio Radius Management!

Hope to see you on the Shoutbox next Monday!
Greetings & Blessings


Offical Note from the Radio Radius Management

Vor ein paar Tagen ist unser Fileserver abgeschmiert. Deswegen sind in dieser Woche ein paar Sendungen ausgefallen.
Wir möchten uns für diesen Ausfall entschuldigen. Wir haben alles wieder soweit hergerichtet, dass der Livebetrieb wieder aufgenommen werden kann. Allerdings sind im Moment alle unsere Daten futsch. Wir versuchen alles um sie wieder herzustellen. Drückt uns die Daumen!

Orwell was right

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