24 December 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 50

Steppas Choice 50: C4TR in the hot seat feat. MC Operation

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Broadcasted: 15. December 2008

Oh my gosh… Fifty Steppas Choice Shows done, broadcasting the Monday Night Madness for over a year now and it’s defo time to say thank you!
You the Listeners and the supportive DJ’s made the Show what it is today! Thank you! Also a massive Big up to all the Shout Boxers! One Love! You’re interaction and feedback is highly appreciated!

A Special and massive Big up! goes to the following Steppas:

Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thanks for all the possibilities, bookings and info on the scene. Thanks for the links! Thank you for still being there! A massive shout to you Blade! Your chest!

DJ Blade on MySpace

Blade & Duplo

Out to the man with a thousand plans… Out to you for some of the wickedest shows on the station. Thank you for every single tune you send to me! May 2009 bring some more! Thank you for doing the promotion on FaceBook and hosting the Group!

NUR Sound Online
DJ Unfinished on MySpace
NUR Sound on MySpace
Steppas Choice FaceBook Group

Duplo, C4TR & Unfinished

Out to the modest Broods producing the mental stuff in Switzerland! Thanks for sending and handing out your tunes to me! Highly Appreciated! More of the Madness please! Big up!

Broods on Digital Tunes
Unreleased Kollektiv Online

Broods & Slass

Out to the Bienne Zoo Gang! Thanks for sending me your tunes! They become sicker with every new one! Big up for the bookings and the Shows at Coupole! Out to Dada for building the Tribute Soundsystem!

Radio Dadio Online
Dada on MySpace
Faustizm on MySpace
Radio Dadio on MySpace

Zenit, Koolkat1 & Faustizm

Out to the Riddlah for constantly trying to teach me how to mix properly! Your chest!
Out Tef for being the one, that skanks, shouts and screams for 10! Appreciated!

Riddlah on MySpace


Big up to Operation for showing up and laying down some spitted madness! Keep coming to the show!

Koolkat1, C4TR & Operation

Out to Kolt’, Slass & Broods for playing at Steppas Choice. Out to Kolt’ for the bookings at Fri-Son! Highly appreciated! Your chest!

Unreleased Kollektiv Online
Unreleased Kollektiv on MySpace
Kolt’ on MySpace
Slass on Myspace

Unreleased Kollektiv

Out to Zenit, Koolkat1, Dada & Faustizm! Thanks for all the Shows you did with me! Thanks for the bookings, was always big and I’m looking forward to come back!

Radio Dadio Online
Radio Dadio on MySpace
Faustizm on MySpace
Dada on MySpace
Koolkat1 on MySpace
Zenit on Myspace

Zenit & Koolkat1

Out to Duplo, Cen and his MSN Gang, The Kommando Trash and The Groupies! Thank you for your Support!

NUR Sound Online
DJ Unfinished on MySpace
NUR Sound on MySpace
Duplo on MySpace
Kommando Trash on MySpace
The Groupies on MySpace

Subsound & Studio Crew

Out to the Selector for serving the dubby madness each and every!

DeathbyBeats & Selector Lloyd

Out to DeathbyBeats for the sets and the Promo on www.bassnihilist.ch! Your chest!

Bassnihilist Online
DeathbyBeats on MySpace

Lamosh 273 & Operation

To the Elusive one for covering the show during my Africa Trip!

Operation & Elusive

Also a special Big Up! to the International Famo:
Moonshine, Subsound & Subbus Crew, Idle D, Coops, the 2nd Drop Famo, F.4.T. Records Crew, Mom, Meturi & BunZer0!

Out to each and every one I forgot... your chest!

Fifty Shows planned, only 8 weeks without a Show, out of this 8 Shows 7 were cancelled because of Technical Difficulties in the Studio. One Show was cancelled because I was in Kenya.
Fifty times a story to tell; Fifty sets with exciting new bass driven music! Fifty times a night to remember; Fifty times Beer, Smoke and heaving a good time!

Looking fwd to the next fifty shows!
Thank you friends!

Greetings, Blessing and a Merry Christmas



Download the show:
Steppas Choice 50: C4TR in the hot Seat feat. MC Operation

Please report broken link and leave some comments!

Playlist for Steppas Choice 50

1. Clock Watchin Dub - LD - Ringo Records
2. Poltigiest - Silkie - Deep Medi Musik
3. Octogun - Kid Lion & Faustizm - RADIO DADIO DUBZ
4. Waiting feat. Ilawy - Simien & Obeah - Kraken Recordings
5. Livin' Fire - Tes La Rok - Dub Police
6. Bloodthirst - Coki - Sub Freq Recordings
7. Diesel - Kulture - Disfigured Dubz
8. Legalize It (West Coast Mix - 6Blocc Remix) - Peter Tosh - War Series
9. Con/Fusion feat. Farrah - Dusk & Blackdown - Key Sound Recordings
10. Kingdom come - Dubwoofa - Dub Police
11. Pyramid Scheme - Starkey - White
12. Sing 4 me - Ghetto - White Label
13. Mountain - Ghetto - Freedom Of Speech
14. Concrete Streets feat. Durrty Goodz - Dusk & Blackdown - Key Sound Recordings
15. Commandments - Ghetto - Freedom Of Speech
16. Movin - Hatcha & Kromestar - Aphex Recordings
17. Untitled - Breakage - Digital Soundboy Recording
18. From Day (Instrumental) - Double S - True Tiger Recordings
19. 3K Lane - Jakes & Joker - H.E.N.C.H Recordings
20. Soap Dodger - Crissy Criss - Sludge
21. Cairo - Optimuz - Down South Dub
22. Don't Know - S.Y.N.K.R.O - Smokin' Sessions
23. I sed - Silkie - Deep Medi Musik
24. Open Ski - Quantum Soul - Dubting
25. Alicia - Mala - White Label
26. Bury da Bwoy - Mala - DMZ
27. Coma - Dubwoofa - Dub Police
28. Forgive - Mala - Deep Medi Musik
29. Corrupshun feat. Leebra - Kromestar - Bare Dubs Records

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