29 November 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 47

Steppas Choice 47: Raphallus Orgasmus & C4TR

Broadcasted: 24. November 2008

Once again Steppas Choice is serving you the unusual madness! Bass hefty as ever and salted with tasteful tricky beats. This time we served you some Kuduro and some proper Baille Funk Madness.
Raphallus Orgasmus, Swiss Baille Funk Matador and Representer of Bangladesh Records, was spoiling the listeners with the energetic Baille Funk Sounds straight out Brasil. Favela Funk at it’s best.
Interesting and new sounds: Kuduro a powerfull bass driven African-Portugese Sound took quiet some effects on the listeners of the show! Some of them got into serious troubles while deciding if the should stay in front of the TV continue watching Americas Next Topmodel or if they should get up and move to the sound while turning up their soundsystem to the max so that their neighbours would start to shake by the generated pressure of
Raphallus Orgasmus. Hard one for the multitask-enabled listeners.
The Baille Funk Madness by
Raphallus Orgasmus reminds me of a hybrid between Grime from UK and Brasilian Music in General. The additional and disrespectful usage of Sample Bombardments is making it wild and funky and exciting! These Producers are using everything with out caring about nothing! I like it!
But please get your own opinion by downloading the show!

Enjoy the Show!

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Greetings and Blessing


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Raphallus Orgasmus on Myspace
Bangladesh Records on Myspace

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Some of the Shoutbox Action - A best of...
Mon 23:01 Coops nice set!
Mon 22:59 hurry up quick quick raphallus opened my eyes & ears to an unknown music, I wanna say thanks and big up to you!!
Mon 22:47 hurry up quick quick be careful, don't choke on your Hörnlis! Remember George W.!!
Mon 22:43 hurry up quick quick .. emm coming back to the subject: yes, my kitchen could be called a desert.... but deserts must be cleaner. I thnk my kitchen is actually a black spot of hygiene..
Mon 22:41 hurry up quick quick what, where't that money for me??
Mon 22:40 en oiiii!!!
Mon 22:39 en there must be desert in your kitchen
Mon 22:38 hurry up quick quick easy, I mean, this still sounds great... I had some cornflakes for dinner :-((
Mon 22:37 en but would love it!
Mon 22:37 en no time for oven
Mon 22:37 en thanks huqq yes with cheese on top, grana padano as usual
Mon 22:36 hurry up quick quick ... and grilled it for 5 minutes in the oven???
Mon 22:36 en yeah!
Mon 22:36 duplo now we're talkin' this one verrry nice!
Mon 22:36 hurry up quick quick @en, well the, "bon appetit" as they say :-) you have some cheese on top?
Mon 22:35 hurry up quick quick gosh, this guy has a rather "strange" name... raphallus orgasmus..... actually a bit scary, but maybe it works with brazil girls!?
Mon 22:34 en anyway i just cooked some "hörndli"you really top me then :-) I just had a "Mozartkügelchen" hehehe
Mon 22:31 en and cookin and drinkin' red wine :)
Mon 22:30 hurry up quick quick conclusion: you have to opt for a combination of Monrose on TV, some brasilian funkeee on the speakers and stupid shoutbox talk for the finger entertainment!
Mon 22:29 hurry up quick quick not much happening on there, and everybody is just showing off...... 8-O
Mon 22:28 hurry up quick quick BTW, facebook starts boring me...
Mon 22:19 koolkat brrrrrrrrrrup...
Mon 22:14 en they're masked eeh?
Mon 22:14 en they're masked eeh?
Mon 22:13 hurry up quick quick YOU LIKE MONROSE TOO?? WHich one of the 3 the most?
Mon 22:12 Coops ha ha, like it!!
Mon 22:07 en dunno nah lookin
Mon 22:07 hurry up quick quick wowowowowo, so sweeeet meloooody !!!! CCCUUUUTTTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Mon 22:06 hurry up quick quick ..whereas this other one, the tall one, she looks like horse!!
Mon 22:04 hurry up quick quick I already turned louder, but now there's Monrose on VIVA, Mandy is so incredibly cute, it would hurt her if I turned off..
Mon 22:03 en turn the music louder and get off dat tv bro'
Mon 22:02 hurry up quick quick ...I should turn it off, but I cant...
Mon 22:02 Coops what a time to sign in, like it!
Mon 21:59 slass it must be very hot tonight in the steppes studio alliiiiiivvvvaaaa
Mon 21:59 hurry up quick quick :-) yeah, nice.... rinse it out....
Mon 21:58 hurry up quick quick .... theres advertisemts at the moment, so I have a bit of time ... funny brasilian music it seems.... whot kind of music is that supposed to be??
Mon 21:55 duplo enjoy the sensual overload :-)
Mon 21:55 en seems you're not alone
Mon 21:54 hurry up quick quick impossible... ¨!
Mon 21:54 en shut down television..
Mon 21:53 hurry up quick quick americas next topmodel on TV, steppas choice on speakers - asks a lot of multi-tasking of me ... :-(
Mon 21:51 Kolt' big up operator!
Mon 21:51 slass big up operator
Mon 21:50 slass awesome Big upRAPHALLUS ORGASMUS
Mon 21:50 broods big up eperator mic killer
Mon 21:49 operator shouts out o broods,kolt,slass for the possibility in fribourg,big up c4tr,nxt lvl crew
Mon 21:46 m00nshine C4TR - your chest, always good to see you!!
Mon 21:26 Kolt' brazilian asses in your ears!
Mon 21:03 slass yes Big Bunzer0 TERRIBLE!!
Mon 21:02 duplo oioi! big up the Bun0 action on saturday! that was truely nice

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