25 November 2008

BunZer0, Blade, Kolt’ & Slass @ Dubstep Session FriSon

Dubstep Sessions BunZer0
f.l.t.r.: MC Operation, BunZer0, Blade & Subsound

Oh my gosh! What a wicked night! A proper Skank Out!
Starting of with
Kolt’ and Slass on the warm up and already rolling nicely. Pleasure thing for me was the company of MC Operation who joined me on the Mic. After the Unreleased Kollektiv unleashed the Bass Pressure and set off the night with wicked vibes, BLADE took it to the NXT LVL playing a heavy blasting set. And BunZer0 rounded it up nicely with some of the heaviest skanking tunes and dubs of the future madness to come. I was really honoured to host this set. To put it short, this was another bass extravaganza night with hot steppin’ beats and echoes from the past and delays from the future!
f.l.t.r.: MC Operation, BunZer0, Blade & Subsound

Like always when travelling to the French part of Switzerland I got very confused with the mixture between English and French in my head! But somehow we always manage to understand each other and anyway the sound is connecting us on a universal level! But funny is I hated my French Lessons during School time and now I wish I spent more attention during these classes…

Big up to
BunZer0 and the SubFM Crew
Blade and the whole NXT LVL CRW
Give thanks to the
Unreleased Kollektiv for making this night possible! Big up Kolt, Slass & Broods (don't forget to check Broods on Digital Tunes)
Out to MC Operation!
Massive shout to
Moonshine & Subsound! Always a pleasure to see you!
Also out to
DJ Unfinished & Duplo
A massive big up to all the Steppas enjoying this one!
Don’t forget
Gregel Oirom for the amazing and matching visuals!

f.l.t.r.: Moonshine, Miss Moonshine, MC Operation & BunZer0


Anonymous said...

Big show this one was! Out to the guys making it possible. Although frison could be open a bit longer...

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