22 November 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 46

Steppas Choice 46: DeadbyBeats & C4TR

Broadcasted: 17. November 2008

Nah... it’s getting better with the delay between the Live Show and the appearance of the file in the blog… and anyway it’s more fun to listen to it live and interact with the studio crew and the other listeners on the Radio Radius Shoutbox! This one an other massive one with DeadbyBeats and a C4TR that somehow got very drunk over the show… was crawling home… but was also very talkative
The sad thing in this show was that once again the sound level in the studio wasn’t loud enuff… the monitor speakers are heavly missed! Not only by the DJ’s! Out to the Radio Radius Management: Get some new speakers for the DJ! Urgent Request!

Enjoy the Show!

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Greetings & Bless'

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