23 February 2011

Steppas Choice 164: Big MD & C4TR

Steppas Choice 164

Steppas Choice 164: Big MD & C4TR
Broadcasted on the 21st of February 2011
Once again we had an up and coming DJ/Producer slammin' the Show! Big MD means Big Bass! Setting up his Bass Fires since a while when ever there is a bassy place to play, bubbling' on productions in the background, heavily involved in pushing the sound: good ingredients to heat up the Usual Monday Night Madness! C4TR on the "Back from LDN" Intro - Vinyl Only First Timer!
You can catch Big MD & his X-Amount Fellas plus the Dubsludge Crew alongside Spokee MC & MC Staga on the 19th of March @ Superzero / Zürich.
Taste a likkle sumpt'ing of Big MD's Bass Voodoo!
Big up MD!
Out to the Shoutbox Crew - Lively as a rabbit on chillies! One Love!


News of the Evening:

Bass Bless'


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