19 February 2015

Another brilliant Mix: Kahn with a Guest Mix for Cameo

It seems to me like Bristol is the place at the moment for forward thinking fresh Bass Music. One Reason for that is Kahn & Neek, their Bandulu Imprint and their crew Young echoes.

Not only a super strong release on Deep Medi to start the year, but also a wicked EP together with his Partner in Crime Neek on their own Imprint, which fuses the Energy and Rawness of Grime and Bashment with the Bass and Subsonic Madness plus a certain minimalistic Element found in Dubstep and Dub/Reggae, Kahn is kicking off the year with big tunes! and there is more: Make sure you check out the Hotline Remix EP: Mental!

And then this:
It's said that this mix contains only Material from Kahn and his Crew! It's mental! Trust me! I really do hope that a lot from this mix will be released (Sooner or later... as usual...)! Absolutely wicked material! And again most likely you won't be able to get your hands on it: always super fast sold out...
Make sure you log in to rwdfwd.com on a daily base, and if you see it >> BUY IT! Immediately! Now! Sure Shot Material! (Btw: As i'm writing this I just saw the new Ishan Sound EP is out! Visit and Buy! rwdfwd.com (and no, i'm not getting any money for mentioning their name!)
Make sure you listen to this mix before it disappears! Or just tune in to Steppas Choice every Monday Night - Most likely you will hear the tunes!
Big up yourself!
Enjoy and may the Bass be with you!



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