25 January 2015

Steppas Choice 369: The mighty Tengu Collective: Dread Mountain Bass (26.01.2015)

Steppas Choice & Tengu Unite photo 150125-steppastengu_WEB_zpsff82565f-1.jpg

I'm more than proud to welcome the mighty Tengu Collective for a massive Bass Session @ Steppas Choice!
The Boys from the Tengu Crew are making waves in the Bass Scene in Switzerland not only with their wicked selection of foundation Bass & Futuristic Soundsystem Music but also with their heavenly and with perfection executed Soundsystem. If you ever witnessed a dance running on the Tengu Soundsystem you should know what I'm talking 'bout! And for those who don't know: Don't miss out on them when they're playing close to you! But not only the overwhelmingly good Soundsystem they built is gonna make the dance go crazy, it's also the Dubplates they have in their crates!
Taiken & Flexible, both Sonic Bass Wave Producer par excellence, are delivering true beauty on a Dubplate with their own production...
and the rumour goes that they have new ones in the pipeline... maybe we will here them...
I'm really looking forward to this one and you should to! Make sure you're logged in, logged on!

Sounds of the mighty Steppas Choice
Monday, 26. January 2015; 20-22h CET
Tengu Collective & C4TR


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Big Up Taiken for the entry on the Tengu Collective Webpage and Maximum Respect to Max Frischknecht for the Flyer
This is what he wrote:
Steppas Choice and Tengu Collective unite! The Tengu Fam has to grow steady to deliver you the best in underground bass music and soundsystem culture!
Log into Steppas Choice Radio this monday, January 26th, to find out more about the latest plans of our crew. The full crew will join big C4TR for a massiv session on Radio Radius. Log in to the chat & tell a friend to tell a friend!
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