31 July 2009

Dealing with Technical Difficulties

Rolling Steel 1

Dealing with Technical Difficulties
Once again dealt with technical difficulties on a Monday Night. Bloody Hell! I already know that the stream wouldn’t work when I arrived there. I got used to check the links on Mondays before I leave for the show to see if we’re “On Air” and if all systems are good to go.
Arriving in the Studio I met Jazzy5 who did his usual Monday Afternoon Rap Show without knowing that the stream was broken. And, what a pleasant surprise, Mister Moanin’ was there contributing one of his legendary Apéro Hardcore Jazz Shows. Beni Moanin’ was also there streaming into the waste nothingness of a harddisk.
At least I knew in advance that my Show would be a silent one, one for the records to put online on a later date.

Risk 2

So happily ever after I prepared myself for a set of smashing brand new spankers… just to find myself swearing at a bloody CD-DJ Player, which refused to accept any of my CD’s (Big up all true Bass Lovers who only play Vinyl’s and never face such problems!). So after my Tunes kept skipping in and out… got me really frustrated and after I tried for 20min I gave up and went home. Bloody CD-DJ’s!

Risk 3

In the next days the problem with the stream got fixed (Big Up Radio Radius Technical Support!) and I went back to the Studio with new CD’s, freshly burnt ones, burnt in a new up to date external DVD/CD Burner, ‘cause my Laptop one seems to have some difficulties… or at least I thought so…
In the Studio the Problem still occurs also with the new ones! For all those who hated my sets: Lucky you! There won’t be any C4TR in the hot seat or behind the ones and twos sets for a while! For all those who did like a couple of new tunes mashed together by me, myself and I, I’m very sorry to tell you that at the moment I’m not able to deliver you the bass tasty freshness…


As you can see in this Blog at least the trip to Zurich and back was worth to take. Loads of colourful steel on the way in the system! I even saw more than I could get hold of with my camera. And I love rolling steel!
Also I did kind of a replacement show with the computer based Mixing System on the Radio Radius Studio Computer. Quiet messy… had some troubles to understand it…

Therefore I will post here not only the three mixes resulting from my afternoon sessions at the Radio Radius Studio, but also some mixes that I found matches these summer days. So let’s go into it…

Risk 1

As I said this three mixes from the afternoon session are messy. Listen to it at your own risk!

Steppas Choice: Reggae Afternoon

Some likkle reggae tunes that I’m feeling…

Steppas Choice: Bassline Afternoon

This is basically a mix by
DJ Unfinished that I just played, ‘cause I’m feeling it at the moment. I already posted it once here.
Anyway, here is the essential Information for this again:

Download Unfinished’s Latest 4x4 Bassline Mix:
4x4 Geländewagon


Steppas Choice: UK Garage/2Step Afternoon

Well, actually I started with some Golden Age Rap Tunes just to find out that actually I would like to listen to some UK Garage/2Step. Perfect Sound for a sunny day and a cool drink! Bass for the Rude Bwoys – Sweet Melodies and Vocals for the Ladies! At the end of the Show I got quickly into a mix by DJ Sybs. One of my favourite UK Garage/2Step Mixes ever! Absolute lovely! Big up DJ Sybs!
I didn’t play all of it… But no worries you will get the entire, sweet’n’bassy, seductive mix here, just continue reading…

DJ Sybs
Days Gone By

DJ Sybs presents Days Gone By

Classic UK Garage
Mixed Live by DJ Sybs
1. MJ Cole – Sincere (Metrix Recordings)
2. Shaun Escoffery – Space Rider (Oyster Music)
3. Sweet Female Attitude – Don’t Tell Me (G Force Vocal Mix) (Milkky)
4. Y-Tribe – Enuff Is Enuff (White Label)
5. Brass Tooth – Celebrate Life (El-B Remix) (White Label)
6. Y-Tribe – My Favourite Girl feat. Mankind (Sunship Remix) (White Label)
7. Dreem Teem vs. Artful Dodger – It Ain’t Enough (Public Demand)
8. Lovestation – Teardrops (S12)
9. Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling (Open Door Records)
10. Daniel Beddingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (Test Press) (DND)
11. Phase One – Nicole’s Groove (Relentless)
12. U.S.L – Making Love (Dub Mix) (United Sounds Of London)
13. J. J. Louis & Sovereign – Ready Or Not (2000 Mix) (Southside Recordings)
14. Unknown – Harry Sex Go Round (Jameson Mix) (White Label)
15. Nesha – What’s It Gonna Be (Relentless)
16. Jaheim – Just In Case (Dubaholics Remix) (Warner Bros.)
17. Jameson – Urban Hero (Southside Recordings)
18. Second Protocol – Basslick (Protocol)
19. Unknown – BF (White Label)
20. Craig David – 7 Days (Sunship Remix) (Wildstar Records)
21. Zoom & D.B.X – Crazy (Unknown)
22. Todd Edwards – Saved My Life (Locked On Records)
23. Tubbs – Low Slung Funk 2 (Cardbon Recordings)

He used to be on MySpace… nowadays his Friend-ID isn’t valid anymore… Thanks to google I found him here:
DJ Sybs on DJMix.net

Train 1

Then I would like to share with you two things I came across this week on the Internet. Both should satisfy you, satisfy your hunger for tunes full with beautiful bass.
First thing I want to share with you are these tunes by a dubstep producer named Cheebs hailing from Occidental/Santa Cruz, California, United States.


He just released a free EP on
Digital Bag. You can download this by using the Digital Bag Link or by going straight to Hotfile or Uploading
You migth have heard one or two tunes from him in DJ Ruzann’s Set on the Big Bad Bass BBQ Show…
Big up Cheebs on this!
For more Info visit
Cheebs on Myspace

Second Thing is a complete free 25 Tunes strong Dubstep Album released over

Vertical Lion

Tracklist for The Vertical Lion
1. Twenty/Twelve Netaudio - The Lion Speaks...
2. FSTZ - Are You Ready?
3. Raspian - Ride
4. Anomie - Snakes & Ladders
5. Netrik - Alleyway Dub Market
6. Richie August - Brutal
7. The Faun - Dub Cutz Vol. 2
8. Selfsimilar & Press - Party People
9. Ruckus & Roke - Shatter Cake
10. Whoami - Kash
11. Fluid - The Guide
12. X-Zero - Adrift
13. D-Struct - Neutrino Survivor
14. J Nitrous - Depth Charge
15. Tapir - Unvisible
16. Raspian - Titan
17. Delta Labs - Get Close
18. Capo - Be Specific
19. Kid Logic - Summer Madness
20. Jayou - Don't Cheat, Don't Steal feat. Laney
21. Graish - Bloodsucka
22. Fatal Fury - Terrorize
23. Dayn - Tranquil
24. Fused Forces - Sole Trader
25. Geochelone - This Ends Now
26. Graish - Business As Usual

I only knew FSTZ and Fused Forces before, guess both were introduced to me by The Lexxus Set’s, but there are quiet a few more tunes to look out for on this release!
Big up 20TwelveDubstep.com for this bassquake delivery!

Train 2

Trust me I got more for you! Here some news before we come to the true treasure of this post…

I found a quiet interesting article about the Dubstep Scene in Bristol in the Guardian.
All about purple!
Read more here:
Bristol fashion

Then some good news for all Hyperdub Addicted like me:
The 5th Anniversary of Hyperdub Recordings compilation is on the way! There will be a series of 12s and in October a full CD and digital release! Good News for the FWD Sound Lover! The first 12” in the series contains the following tunes:

5.1 - HDB023
A. Kode9 & Spaceape feat. Chacha - Time Patrol
AA1. Black Chow - Purple Smoke
AA2. Flying Lotus - Disco Balls

and the release Date is the 31st of August.

The second 12” in the series will follow in September and contains the following tunes:

5.2 - HDB024
A. Joker & Ginz - 'Stash'
AA1. Zomby - 'Tarantula'
AA2. Samiyam - 'Roller Skates'

Looking FWD to this! Maximum Respect to Kode9 and the Hyperdub Camp!

Last two things are quick ones…

1. I heard MC Staga is working on an album called “Du Nöd!”. Beats are provided by F.U.X, Hazy and Staga himself. The range of Sounds goes from Rap/HipHop to Dubstep to more Experimental Music. For more info visit
MC Staga on MySpace. Big up Mister Staga for pushing things!

2. This one is completely off topic but still worth to have a look at. I think the idea behind is pure genius! So if you’re bored, visit the following website and create your own music! The better your computer and the better your Internet connection the more fun you will have!
Check out in Bb 2.0: A collaborative Music / Spoken Word Project

and don’t forget this…


Updated on the 2nd of August 2009
Finally we come to the one thing that’s really worth to read through all of this…
You might know that
Rinse FM, London’s leading Pirate Station turns/turned 15 and celebrated it at Matter on the 31st of July. You might also have listened to some of the shows in the week, when the Birthday Party took place and might realised how hyped the shows were… if not and anyway: you should start to listen to Rinse FM, for example:

Rekless >> Monday 16-18h CET (Bassline);

Silencer >> Monday 18h-20h CET;

Plastician >> Tuesday 00-02h CET;

Anti Social Entertainment >> Tuesday 02-04h CET;

Braiden >> Tuesday 14-16h CET;

Boy Better Know >> Tuesday 20-22h CET;

N-Type >> Tuesday 22-24h CET;

Chef & LD >> Wednesday 00-02h CET;

Butterz >> Wednesday 04-06h CET;

SK Vibemakers >> Wednesday 16-18h CET;

Benga or Skream (legendary Stella Session) or Geeneus or Zinc >> Wednesday 22-24h CET;

Caspa & Dub Police >> Thursday 00-02h CET;

Youngsta & Toast >> Thursday 22-24h CET;

Oneman or Distance or Dusk & Blackdown >> Friday 00-02h CET;

Spyro >> Sunday 16-18h CET;

Vectra >> Sunday 18-20h CET;

Newham Generals >> Sunday 20-22h CET;

Roll Deep >> Sunday 22-24h CET;

Live from FWD>> >> Monday 00-02h CET;

Colour Key to the Shows:
Dubstep - Nuttin' more, nuttin' less
Grime - most of the time
DJ's on rotation...
House/Funky + Garage - or there abouts

Or just visit Rinse FM on a regular base to download the latest sets. And anyway, it is always a good idea to tune in; most of the sounds they play are outstanding and matching my taste! Big up the Rinse Famo.
Anyway all the shows I listened to, were outstanding (as usual, but still a bit better). Especially the Youngsta Set on Thursday and the N-Type b2b Youngsta with SP:MC b2b Toast Set on Tuesday.
But what really blow my mind was the recorded show that was streamed after the N-Type Show.
Kode9 on decks and Wiley on the Mic.
And trust me, Wiley is going wild on Mic; you can really hear the fun they have and the enthusiasm of both of them. If I’m not completely mistaken this Show was recorded sometime in January/beginning of February (this for sure) in 2003. If so… well, anyway just listen to the tracks Kode9 drops in his set and remember if it’s really 2003 some of the tunes that came out this year are quiet old…
Anyway I heard it and it took my about a minute to start my recording equipment.
So here for your listening pleasure:

Kode9 & Wiley Rinse FM Show (Jan/Feb 20039)

Train 3

…and may the Bass be with you!

Rolling Steel 2



DJ Sybs said...

C4TR Thanks for the big up bro,

Its been a while since that mix has been dropped but really appreciate it.

More mixes coming up in the next few days, liking your dub step flavour.


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