25 July 2015

Steppas Choice Exodus

Since C4TR is in Africa for a couple of weeks - training his basic Daktari Bass Skills - a man like Zodiak will take over and host the mighty Steppas Choice inna Exodus Style! 
Therefore please be advised that the shows from the 27th of July and the one on the 3rd of August will run on:

Maximum Respect to Zodiak for his effort to keep the show running! Big up & Assante sana! 

20 February 2015

One for the Heads

Just found this. Another gem from Kaiju. Can't wait for their Deep Medi Release! Download and Enjoy!

19 February 2015

Another brilliant Mix: Kahn with a Guest Mix for Cameo

It seems to me like Bristol is the place at the moment for forward thinking fresh Bass Music. One Reason for that is Kahn & Neek, their Bandulu Imprint and their crew Young echoes.

Not only a super strong release on Deep Medi to start the year, but also a wicked EP together with his Partner in Crime Neek on their own Imprint, which fuses the Energy and Rawness of Grime and Bashment with the Bass and Subsonic Madness plus a certain minimalistic Element found in Dubstep and Dub/Reggae, Kahn is kicking off the year with big tunes! and there is more: Make sure you check out the Hotline Remix EP: Mental!

And then this:
It's said that this mix contains only Material from Kahn and his Crew! It's mental! Trust me! I really do hope that a lot from this mix will be released (Sooner or later... as usual...)! Absolutely wicked material! And again most likely you won't be able to get your hands on it: always super fast sold out...
Make sure you log in to rwdfwd.com on a daily base, and if you see it >> BUY IT! Immediately! Now! Sure Shot Material! (Btw: As i'm writing this I just saw the new Ishan Sound EP is out! Visit and Buy! rwdfwd.com (and no, i'm not getting any money for mentioning their name!)
Make sure you listen to this mix before it disappears! Or just tune in to Steppas Choice every Monday Night - Most likely you will hear the tunes!
Big up yourself!
Enjoy and may the Bass be with you!


16 February 2015

Phrex @ Trusik

Man like Phrex is hard to catch. His sets are full of unreleased material and it's all f***ing amazing! Phrex does it the right way: hardly any tunes out - the man himself is in control - and it's all cut!!!
Now Trusik puts an end to the shortage of Phrex playing his Dubplates and not only released an interview with Phrex but also a Mix that is mainly Phrex playing his own tunes!
A must listen!
Big up Trusik
Maximum Respect to Phrex!

Grab the Mix here:

Trusik featuring Phrex

Big up & Bless'

Youngsta @ Fri-Son: Bass done right!

 photo YoungstaFriSon_zps33yh2wmo.gif
Oh my days! What a night!
Came to Fribourg with quiet high expectation. Youngsta in Town, Unreleased Kollektive’s Next Step Series with a deep Line Up and the possibility of a proper skank out. Plus the chance to host for Slass.
 photo IMG_1239_2_Youngsta_zpsb72e43eb.jpg
Arrived at Fri-Son for the usual warm welcome. Kolt’, Slass & The Fri-Son Crew worked hard on providing a good night not only for the DJs but also for everyone that came for a proper dance. The Food was lovely as usual (Big Up to the kitchen! Those who know me know I’m fussy when it comes to food) and the Sound Check went also smoothly.
 photo IMG_1232_2_Slass_zps40f1a0f8.jpg
Slass opened the night with a deep set throwing some old gems into the game. Starting with some old Hyperdub Beauties the night was set. Slass also did it the original way, strictly vinyl. I’m always happy to see him behind the deck: Slass, Bass Defender since day dot! Big up Slass and keep up the good work!
 photo IMG_1234_2_AskEmWhy_zps5fe3d225.jpg
Next up were the boys from the Secret Owl Crew. Making waves since a while in the French speaking part of Switzerland representing all styles within the Dubstep/Bass spectrum these guys are certainly a force to reckon with. Askemwhy? & Septentrio went on with a strong B2B Set exploring the depth of Bass. And they did a great job! I have to say that normally I’m sceptical when it comes to new Dubstep/Bass DJ’s. More than often they just fail to really grasp the concept of Dubstep and Soundsystem driven Bass Music and are operating in the midrange noisy “Bass” Wobble Arena, which has nothing to do with my understanding of Dubstep/Bass Music.
 photo IMG_1236_2_Septentrio_AskEmWhy_zps0f000f09.jpg
Askemwhy? & Septentrio definitively don’t belong to the above mentioned. Old Tempa Tunes and other treasures sneaked into their set and their strong DJ-Skills made a perfect Set! Maximum Respect to you guys! Specially for playing Skream’s Request Line! That was huge and made my night even better. Askemwhy? and Septentrio proved that there is hope! A deep set with tons of big tunes!
 photo IMG_1240_2_Youngsta_zpse76062d0.jpg
Then the boss took over: Youngsta. His DJ Skills are absolutely outstanding. No one mixes like Youngsta! The set was absolutely flawless! Youngsta started with the deep minimal sound he’s famous for switched over to some 130BPM-ish grimeyesque Bass Madness to end up in some dark and twisted Jungle-a-like Bass. It was huge! Big up Youngsta each and every! It was an honour to host your set!
 photo IMG_1238_2_Youngsta_zps32a2629c.jpg
For those who want to get an idea of the kind of set Youngsta played @ Fri-Son visit: Trap Magazine Mixtape 012: Youngsta

Big up each and everyone who supports BASS & Soundsystem Culture in Switzerland!
Maximum Respect to the Unreleased Kollektive for making things possible against all odds!
Big up & Maximum Respect to Youngsta, Slass, AskemWhy? & Septentrio!


25 January 2015

Steppas Choice 369: The mighty Tengu Collective: Dread Mountain Bass (26.01.2015)

Steppas Choice & Tengu Unite photo 150125-steppastengu_WEB_zpsff82565f-1.jpg

I'm more than proud to welcome the mighty Tengu Collective for a massive Bass Session @ Steppas Choice!
The Boys from the Tengu Crew are making waves in the Bass Scene in Switzerland not only with their wicked selection of foundation Bass & Futuristic Soundsystem Music but also with their heavenly and with perfection executed Soundsystem. If you ever witnessed a dance running on the Tengu Soundsystem you should know what I'm talking 'bout! And for those who don't know: Don't miss out on them when they're playing close to you! But not only the overwhelmingly good Soundsystem they built is gonna make the dance go crazy, it's also the Dubplates they have in their crates!
Taiken & Flexible, both Sonic Bass Wave Producer par excellence, are delivering true beauty on a Dubplate with their own production...
and the rumour goes that they have new ones in the pipeline... maybe we will here them...
I'm really looking forward to this one and you should to! Make sure you're logged in, logged on!

Sounds of the mighty Steppas Choice
Monday, 26. January 2015; 20-22h CET
Tengu Collective & C4TR


Check the shout box

Big Up Taiken for the entry on the Tengu Collective Webpage and Maximum Respect to Max Frischknecht for the Flyer
This is what he wrote:
Steppas Choice and Tengu Collective unite! The Tengu Fam has to grow steady to deliver you the best in underground bass music and soundsystem culture!
Log into Steppas Choice Radio this monday, January 26th, to find out more about the latest plans of our crew. The full crew will join big C4TR for a massiv session on Radio Radius. Log in to the chat & tell a friend to tell a friend!
Radio Radius
Tengu Collective

20-22H CET
Every Monday
Artwork by Max Frischknecht

19 January 2015

Youngsta, Septentrio & Askemwhy, Slass @ Fri-Son, Fribourg

15-01-30_NextStep_Youngsta photo 15-01-30_NextStep_Youngsta_zps5786c242.jpg
Big One! Nothing more to say...
Maximum Respect to the Unreleased Kollekive!
Big Up Kolt'!

Something to cheer you up: Free Herb

Just likkle somet'ing to cheer ya up and let ya know:
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