13 November 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 80

Steppas Choice 80 1

Broadcasted on the 13th of July

Steppas Choice 80: Duplo & C4TR
Duplo came to grace the show before his trip to Mexico and his travel through South America on a motorbike. First of all I was very happy to have Duplo once again behind the decks for this one and it’s all ways very enjoyable with this crazy bass loving Diskoh Zombie Teenager! JA!
I was also happy about the fact that I got him before the big piggy flue mass hysteria, before Mexico in a good mood and constitution.
This Show will be the last one from Duplo for quiet a bit and therefore the fact that Duplo found a slot during his busy preparation for this Hell-of-a-Trip makes it even more appreciated! Big up Duplo!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 80: Duplo & C4TR

I’m aware of the heavy delay between the original date of streaming and this post. The good thing about the delay is I can provide some updates from Duplo’s Trip and how things are with him. So here we go for a very punctual accumulation of stories, rumours and facts from and about Duplo!

Diary of the South American EZ Rider Duplo
  • Duplo went to Mexico, sorry forgot the name of the city, to learn Spanish
  • Duplo’s Guest brother or so was somehow into music and Duplo played a set somewhere
  • Duplo is still searching the forefront music
  • Nope, Duplo never got infected with Swine Flue or as I like to call it piggy flue
  • But Duplo got Dengue Fever and I would like to thank everyone that sended healthy and good vibes to him, before, during or after the Steppas Choice Show 96!
  • Duplo is now or soon off with his motorbike to explorer the myths of South America!

Duplo if you’re reading this: any update, correction, picture,… is more than welcome!

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Steppas Choice 78 Show and this post, please check the following links:
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Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

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Anonymous said...

yoyoyo! c4tr on the update-duties!
I really like the rumors section. made me smile the one or other time. in fact i am at the moment in mexico-city and i am having the hell of a time. i do have my mototrbike by now and it´s the shiiittt! cruising through little pueblitos. since it doesn´t go faster than 80km/h i´ll be on the road for quite a while. indeed i played a set in a club/bar in mérida and i´ll do it again :-). big up the redroomers gang for their interest and their pushing fwdness.
I am sending the warmest greetings from loco mexico to good old cold switzerland! may the bass be with you!

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