12 February 2010



DJ Youngsta & Toast feat. Kryptic Minds

Tuned into Rinse.FM last night, sadly not on time to catch the beginning, but earlier than Toast arrived in the studio…
You might know that I’m really into Youngsta’s Show, 'cause they're always full of great deep, dark tunes that make me meditate on the Bass Weight.
And this one is like heaven for me. One of the best DJ’s (if it comes to mixing skills and technical mixing probably the best) up on decks spinning the newest bits from my favourite producers at the moment, Kryptic Minds! Do I need to say more?
The Mix is full of unreleased treasures from the vault of Youngsta and Kryptic Minds plus there are some brand spanking new ones that were never played to an audience before. At the end there is also a little interview with Kryptic Minds (after "the first time this tune is played" tunes) and suddenly the future looks a bit brighter!
Download it, listen it and tell a friend to tell a friend!

Youngsta, Toast & Kryptic Minds on Rinse.FM (11.02.2010)

Largin’ up Youngsta & Toast! For me one of the best shows on Rinse.FM!
Maximum Respect to Kryptic Minds – Masters of the Half Step and Producers of the best Album 2009!

Check the
Rinse.FM Podcast for the whole show!

Greetings and may the Bass be with you!


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