20 February 2010

London Pirate Radio Culture

The only Pirate Radio Station in Switzerland that I know something about, is not existing as a Pirate anymore…
Now it’s a (tick the suitable, for you; JA! You can tick more than one):

 private radio station,
 company owened radio station,
 kiss my ass radio station,
 mainstream fabric softener crap playing radio station,
 a radio that I would not listen to out of free will.

But in the pirate days and through them they achieved quiet something and they were rather hardcore… you don’t think so?
They broadcasted with the strongest VHF radio transmitter available in the world from Pizzo Groppera in Italy 130km straight to anyone’s living room in Zurich and probably all the way there. The actual Radio Studio was located in a detached house in Cernobbio. The pirate days end in 1983 after 4 years and several police busts. They achieved with their pirate Activities that there’s more than just the governmental radio stations and that a market for Private Radio was established.
But some questions are still to be answered…
Was the music they played as forward thinking, intense and fresh as I wish a radio would play?
Do they really achieved something, considering the fact that the private radios existing play the same tunes in their A & B-Lists and are overall by 95% pure trash?

not the positive Kommando Trash Trash (Big up the Trash) more like highly dangerous for ears and taste buds nuclear waste trash

Why is the governmental radio still leading and way more innovative than all the private ones together?

Radio Virus from the governmental group DRS, broadcasted a Dubstep Session with DJinn up on decks four weeks or so ago; you could hear Burial on DRS 3 (Sounds) when his albums were released; and yes they also play crap, but not 15 times the same song a day, everyday… and then there are this lovely local radio station and I guess only Zurich got a real weak one…

And why aren’t there more free frequencies?

And... yes there are the internet Radios…
…and Steppas Choice
But still I wouldn’t mind to do it on FM




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