12 January 2009

Some News for all Steppas

Some News for all Steppas


First of all:
Happy New Year to all Steppas!

Steppas Choice started well into the New Year….
Well there’s something to complain, but still it’s basically all good!

Due to technical Difficulties we’re not able to serve you the MP3 Files of the Show. It seems that something isn’t working with the Studio Computer… The Technical Radio Support is informed and they’re working on a solution…


Because there are now new Shows for you to listen I uploaded some of the older ones. Well, actually nearly all… the Dubstep Madness Shows included (read about them here).
You can find them on the right side of my Blog in the sidebar.
I got a request to you the readers: Please inform me if the download links are broken or not working and also all the other links! Thanks and your help is appreciated!

I will also update the Blog and add some infos about the shows from the past…
So keep an eye on the Blog!

Greetings & Bless’


Train Big
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