12 October 2012

Replay >> Steppas Choice 249: Kolt', Guyus & C4TR


Replay >> Wiederholung
13.10.2012 >> 12-15h CET

Steppas Choice 249: Kolt', Guyus & C4TR
Originally Streamed on the 08.10.2012

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This Replay contains:

Kolt’ & Guyus

Another big one for the fourth Instalment of Steppas Choice on FM is going take place this Monday evening!
Both of them are well known in the scene and have been infected with Bass since a decade,
both of them mastered the art of switching between styles during a set in a miraculous way and
both of them are members of legendary crews

Kolt’, who’s gonna open the night, is a foundation Steppa, a subbass addict since the early days. He is around since the earliest Dubstep Radio Shows on Radio Radius, he played tons of sets at different parties, from very small to rather big, to put it short: Kolt’ is one of the most active and most forward thinking Bassaddict that I know. Together with his Unreleased Kollektiv he’s a force to reckon with!

Guyus, who completely blasted me away with his set at GetDarker
, is also making waves in the scene since day dot. Organising Parties in Basel in the early days and nowadays with New.com as DubExMachina , Guyus is a busy Soundbwoy. Always wanted them DubExMachina Guys over in the show – even more after the before mentioned GetDarker Set! So finally here we are: Get ready for Guyus! Big Up DubExMachina!




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