23 September 2012

Steppas Choice 247: Selector Lloyd, Chezz & Big MD - Hosted byy C4TR >> FM Sessions

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Selector Lloyd, Chezz, Big MD & C4TR

Tonight we got some really heavy weight DJs to serve the beloved low down frequencies!

Selector Lloyd - Dubplate Dappa Don & Living Legend - will serve the finest Dub / Reggae and thereabouts from the backyards of Kingston / Jamaica to the grimey suburbs of the UK! Expect a wicked selection!

Chezz - Headhoncho of the GetFilthy.ch Crew & long time Bass Addict - will showcase his definition of Dubstep & Bass-Driven Music. He can throwback to some heavy gems and productions from a wide range of Bassheads. You might even here stuff that he will release on his own imprint GetFilthy Digital!

Big MD - Bass Enthusiast and founder of the X-Amount Crew - will showcase why he's running Zurich on a regular Base! All I can say is he can play a set covering all the steps it took to get from UK Garage / 2 Step to Dubstep. Although he still doesn't believe that there's a link between House / Chicago House and UK Garage.... ; ))

So hope to see you on the shoutbox! and make sure you will be logged in and logged on!!

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mooseman said...

geili Show gsi. Has hüt grad nomal aaglost (merci für MP3 Seleggta!!). Alli 3 Sets d Hammer!

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