01 December 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 88

SC 88

Broadcasted on the 7th of September

Steppas Choice 88: DJ Unfinished & C4TR
I don’t think that I have to say that much for this one…
Unfinished: Full blooded FWD thinking Dubstep mutated Future Garagist and a brilliant chap came to give us a insight to what he thinks is proper Bass Music! A delightful mix of bass hefty music from Dubstep over to Unfinished’s futuristic Bass Beats into some UK Funky influenced hot steppas around to what-ever-you-name-it Bass Music! …and then back again into it! So say loud and devoted “JA!” and download the mental madness!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 88: DJ Unfinished & C4TR

Big up Unfinished each and every!
Greetings and may the Bass be with you!

Download Link is now updated and hopefully correct!
Big up DJ Unfinished!


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