04 April 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 60

Steppas Choice 60: Koolkat1 & C4TR

Backyard Polen
Picture by David Vigh

Broadcasted: 23. February 2009

Another wicked Show with a member of the Radio Dadio Gang. And as always these Shows are always twisted’n’changed in the last minutes. On the Monday the show took place I received a call around four from Zenit… telling me that he has a problem.
By the sound of his voice I could tell this was a call straight outta the bed and as he continued my guessing turned out to be right: Zenit was sick in bed and wouldn’t make it to the show… this is actually not a real problem for me (well actually always a bit sad if a DJ can’t make it to the show…) because I always have some stuff on me to do a kick ass bass hefty show and for this one Koolkat1 was also on the decks…
As Zenit continues I was faced with the real problem of the call: Zenit wanted to play some of his new dubs! In the day of global networking and Internet we did found quiet a quick solution! So download the show, grab a drink, turn up the volume and enjoy the show and the fresh bits offered trough it!

Download the Show:
Steppas Choice 60: Koolkat1 & C4TR

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Check out the Unknown Planets Album here!

It seems the Link doesn’t work… Please visit the Planet Terror Records MySpace Page and look for the download Link on the right hand side. You can also download the full Planet Terror Records Catalogue there!

Enjoy the show!

Greetings & Bless’

Lines Stettbach


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