09 March 2009

One Year Tribute Soundsystem Anniversary Party & Download the Show: Steppas Choice 56

Dubstep Party Coupole 4

This post combines a little something something on the One Year Tribute Soundsystem Anniversary Party. And because I’m delayed with posting the download links for the Show I will do it in combination with this post. Quiet a lucky coincidence that the next show in Line is this one:

Steppas Choice 56: Dada, Faustizm, Raphallus Orgasmus & C4TR


Dubstep Party Coupole 3

What a good opportunity to tell the tale of an outstanding party that took place to celebrate the first anniversary of the mighty Tribute Soundsystem at Coupole BN Zoo.

Subsound in the Mix 2

The Line Up for the Night was absolutly sick and promising some serious Bass treatments with
reppin’ Subbus Crew Barcelona and the Chorizo Show on Sub.FM (Every Friday from 23-01h CET on www.subfm.com - Show some support!),
DJ Blade & MC Staga,
reppin the NXT LVL CRW,
Broods & Kolt’
from the Unreleased Kollektive
and, last but not least the builders and creators of the mighty Tribute Soundsystem,
Dada & Galzu.
Me, myself and I was hosting the night. And I enjoyed myself a lot this night!

Dubstep Party Coupole 2

The Coupole was nice and dark with only a single spotlight and the mightily glowing lion where lightin’ up the darkness that was covering the dancefloor. As the Radio Dadio Crew would say it was exactly like Steppas like it. And all I can say is I’m completely in agree with them!

Dubstep Crowd

Although I was quiet a couple of times asked if someone couldn’t bring in some more light so that, for example everyone could see his brilliant moves on the floor… made me smile…

Dubstep Party Coupole 1

The Night was absolutely wicked! The Tribute Soundsystem was distributing proper heavy bass pressure, as I said the lights were turned down low and after the ice hockey game the place started to get crowded.

Skanking Subsound

Maximum Respect to Dada & Galzu for building the Tribute Soundsystem!
A massive shout to the Radio Dadio Crew for making things possible!
Big up to all the DJ’s that played at this night:
Subsound, Blade, Broods, Kolt’, Dada & Galzu
Out to Staga: your chest!
A special big up to each and everyone that came to skank in the dark!
Maximum Respect to Moonshine for the pictures of the night! Highly appreciated!

Before the Party
The Venue in bright light before the Party started.

For those who don’t know of what the Radio Dadio Dj Collective and the Tribute Soundsystem are capable of, well just let me give you this advice:

1. Download the Shows where one or some of the Radio Dadio Members are upon decks… I’m pretty sure this madness is highly infectious!
2. Sign in for the Radio Dadio Podcast and visit www.radiodadio.ch!
3. Check the upcoming shows section on the right hand side or come regularly back to check the news in this blog and join us if you see a party that is powered by the Tribute Soundsystem!

Dubstep Party Coupole 5

And now back to what I actually wanted to post…

3 Bananen
This Picture above was entitled by Zenit with the following quote:
“Three Bananas and a horn”

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 56

Broadcasted: 26. January 2009

Formula for this show:
Take one Radio Dadio Crew
and because that would be too insane, pick two of them (or at least try…). I chose, no actually they made it out themselves:
Dada & Faustizm
and I got:Dada, Faustizm & Raphallus Orgasmus
so further one in the formula,
add some beers and a studio with turntables, a mixer and some decent speakers,
add a little bit C4TR and you end up with something that sounds like this:

Steppas Choice 56: Dada, Faustizm, Raphallus Orgasmus & C4TR
So here is the link for this show…

Enjoy it!

Greetings & Bless’



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