12 February 2009

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 55

Steppas Choice 55: Deadbybeats & C4TR

Sarah Sword Lady

Broadcasted: 19. January 2009

Deadbybeats is tearing down a proper digital 4 decks mix on this one while his girlfriend Sarah was doing her female ninja business in the studio with pen and paper… Myself in the meantime messin’ with the studio and the MIC…

Big up Deadbybeats for the selection of wicked tunes!
Maximum Respect to Sarah for the sketches!

It seems that digital DJing is gonna be more common in the future; Software has increased in performance and with a bit of compassion and love for the music it opens new ways and approaches to what a DJ can do in a set… still I believe Bass sounds better if it’s straight from Vinyl and played out loud on a proper system! And isn’t it all about enjoying brand spanking bass sounds on a decent system?

Enjoy the Show!

Download Link:
Steppas Choice 55

Don’t forget to check Bassnihilist.ch

Greetings & Bless'

Sarah Ninja Lady


deadbybeats said...

big shouts to Caspa and thanks for all the effort putting my girlfriends sketches online.
really appreciate it.
nice one with the LND trip... see you soon mate!


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