17 December 2008

Download the Show: Steppas Choice 49

Steppas Choice 49: 
Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Operation

ZeeCity Bellevue @ Night

Once again a very lively Show on
Radio Radius… Selector Lloyd was smashing it, serious pressure together with MC Operation and myself. And as usual Selector Lloyd was serving the bassy madness.
After the heavy Server and Computer Failure and Crash, which prevent Unfinished and me from serving you the usual Monday Night Show, I was looking forward to this a lot. Once again a massive Big Up to David Flatz from the Technical Group at Radio Radius. Nonetheless the planned Show will take place in the Show of the 29th December 2008. Unfinished and me gonna do a little Dubplate Pressure Session.

Selectaa going wild

When I arrived at the Studio I was first very disappointed because, also once again, Beni and his Moanin Show wasn’t there. So no Hardcore Apéro Jazz for the early listeners of Steppas Choice! Beni what’s happening?
My disappointment went away when I entered the room, where the actual action takes place… The Monitors for the DJ are back (or replaced with new or secondhand ones?)! Anyway It felt good to have them back and to raise the level in the studio to a state where you can enjoy the music and the Basslines!

MC Operation

As always Selector Lloyd played proper spanking hefty Bassmusic for the listeners’ pleasure!

By the way:
Being online and taking part by using the shoutbox as a listener during the show is not only nice because you can interact, but because on this way you always get the latest news, some nice links and the possibility to meet other Steppaz. One of the links that were submitted by the shoutbox during the show was the download link for the latest Studio Mix from Slass.Visit the
Unreleased Kollektiv Homepage to download the new Mix from Slass! Heavily recommended!

For the first time I took the time to write a Playlist… so here it is:

Playlist for the Show:

Steppas Choice 49: Selector Lloyd, C4TR & MC Operation

C4TR on the intro duties

1. Cotti - Calm Down feat. Doctor - Bass Face Recordings
2. Quantum Soul - Dream Catcher - Dubbed Out
3. Quantum Soul – Creation Dub – Dubting
4. 2562 - Redux - Tectonic

SELECTOR LLOYD on the Take over

5. ??? - ??? - ???
6. Rob Sparx (feat. Nelly Furtado) – After Midnight (White)
7. Rob Sparx - Independent Life - Dubting
8. South3rn – Muslim Dub - Lo Dubs
9. Matty G (feat. Capleton) – Danger Zone - WAR
10. Rooted - Righteousness – Wonderland
11. Michael Prophet (Scientist Dub) - No Good – Thompson Sound 7“
12. Radical Guru vs. The Scientist - No Good - Dubby
13. Radical Guru – Strong Dub – Dubbed Out
14. Michael Prophet feat. Ricky Tuffy - ??? (Dubstep remix by unknown) - (White)
15. Radical Guru – New Decade – Dubbed Out
16. Tes La Rok - Livin’ Fire - Dub Police
17. DJ Narrows - Oppression – Heavy Artillery
18. Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) - Greco-Roman
19. Ed Solo - Age of Dub - Sludge
20. South3rn – Fully Loaded – Lo Dubs
21. L.V. - CCTV feat. Dandelion - Hyperdub
22. Stereo MC’s - Black Gold (Marlow Vocal) - Graffiti Records
23. Mr. Rigsby - Trample – Soul Prolapse

C4TR on the One’s and Two’s

24. Black Canvas - Broken Dreams - Cool & Deadly Records
25. Kode9 - Konfusion (Dub) - Hyperdub
26. Digital Mystikz - Neverland - DMZ
27. Kromestar - Kromestar Zion Dub - Marxman Dubs
28. Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix) - Live Recordings
29. Kromestar - Rainy Dayz - Deep Medi
30. Benga - Wobblers - Big Apple Records
31. The Bug - Jah War feat. Flowdan - Ninja Tune
32. Fracture - The Phonecall - Compound One Records

SELECTOR LLOYD back on the decks

33. Distance - No Sunshine - Chestplate
34. Danny Red – Riddim Wize (Original 12“ cut) Dreadbeat Records

Last one from C4TR

35. Iron Soul - Slo Moshun - F1 Dubstars


Shout outs to:
Blade & the NXT LVL CRW, Unfinished & NUR Sound, Unreleased Kollektiv, Radio Dadio Gang, Deathbybeats, Riddlah, Operation, the whole International Famo, Moonshine, Subsound, Subbus Crew, Rico & the LeZoo Staff, Idle D, Coops, Elusive Bastard, Tef, Selector Lloyd, the silent Listeners and all my Swiss Steppaz!
Your chest!

Greetings and Blessings



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